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    Riftdecorators.com is up and running. It's a database of all decorating items in Rift.

    Crafted items (courtsey of riftjunkies):

    Green Potion Bottle [Set of Gilded Bottles, Krakenweed Stems (2), Yew Timber], Potionmaker’s Cabinet [Set of Gilded Bottles, Ashwood Timber (3)], Red Velvet Chair [Composite Cloth, Kingswood Log (2)], End Table [Runebirth Log (3)]

    Building Bloc: Stone Plank [Tin Ore (3), Unstable Flux], Building Block: Stone Cube [Chromite Ore (3), Stable Flux], Building Block: Stone Pole [Minor Flux, Cobalt Ore (3)], Building Block: Stone Rectangle [Major Flux, Carmintium Ore (3)]

    Building Block: Wood Cube [Yew Plank (3)], Building Block: Wood Tile [Ashwood Plank (3), Light Varnish], Building Block: Wood Pole [Light Varnish, Kingswood Log (3)], Building Block: Wood Rectangle [Heavy Lacquer, Sagebrush Timber (3)]

    Sheep Rib Cage [Cracked Rib (3)], Bearskin Rug [Medium Hide (3)], Pile of Fox Furs [Heavy Hide (3)], Bed with Furs [Kingswood Log (2), Exotic Hide (2)]

    Wood Crate [Yew Plank (3)], Alabaster Amphora [Light Varnish, Chromite Ore (3)], Fish and Barrel [Blenny (3), Oak Lumber], Seascape Amphora [Heavy Lacquer, Cobalt Ore (2)]

    Lichen-covered Boulder [Tin Ore (3)], Pickaxe Rack [Mahogany Lumber, Iron Bar (2)], Tall Boulder [Cobalt Ore (3)], Mining Cart with Ore [Platinum Ore (2), Sagebrush Lumber (2)]

    Dry Scrub [Creeperbrush Roots (2), Yew Timber (2)], Little Pine [Ashwood Timber (2), Razorbrush Leaves (2)], Blue Jungle Flowers [Coastal Glory (2), Roc Orchid Petals (2)], Pink Ground Cover [Bloodshade Petals (3), Wyvernspurr Stems]

    Sun Print Cloth [Bolt of Burlap, Cotton Cloth], Dwarven Bed [Fine Thread, Bolt of Wool, Linen Cloth], Rune Print Cloth [Bolt of Silk, Linen Cloth], Kelari Bed Bolt of Composite Cloth, Gilded Thread, Spellspun Silk]

    Building Block: Greystone Tile [Flickering Powder, Copper Ore (2)], Building Block: Greenstone Tile [Flickering Powder, Copper Ore (3)], Building Block: Greystone Rectangle [Flickering Shard, Titanium Ore (2)], Building Block: Greenstone Rectangle [Flickering Shard, Titanium Ore (3)]

    Rolled Bedroll [Burlap Cloth (3)], Barrel of Apples [Ashwood Timber (3), Striped Pome (2)], Kitchen Knife [Steel Bar, Mahogany Log], Basket of Carrots [Runewoven Cord, Mixed Vegetables, Drakefoot Stems (3)]

    Building Block: Metal Plank [Bronze Bar (2)], Building Block: Metal Cube [Steel Bar (2)], Building Block: Metal Tile [Cobalt Bar (4)], Building Block: Metal Rectangle [Darkmetal Bar (2)]

    For the Glory of The Gauntlet!
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