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    Post  Scipio on Tue Jan 01, 2013 1:15 am

    Greetings folks,

    I noticed web admin was looking for suggestions to the website. I am unfamiliar with forumotion, but have worked well with other guild sites in the past so I'm sure any host right now is up to snuff after years of implementation.

    What we had shivtr implement being one of the first build guilds to work with them in swtor projects, was easy raid signups where each member was able to register and update their own roles/gear status and sign up for differing roles or even on alts and the final raid roster up to 1 hour prior to pull hour would show which character, which role, and who's alt it was if any.

    It was incredibly helpful as a raid leader. If we have something like that going, great. It could also be used to streamline PvP events as well.

    My old iphone 3 has trouble with the site, so if we are able to make it more mobile friendly that'd be great.

    To add to the forums, we should update things for 2.1. Whomever is a master of their class we can coopt to compose a brief run down of their favored builds and explanations for certain, perhaps controversial point selections. Even if as little as links to direct posts from theory crafters, these brief introductions to class roles really expedite things for alts or newer players so as to ameliorate the indecisive tendencies of character builds and playstyles. It furthermore has a strong tendency to get players of all skill levels into other roles that they may end up liking more and therefore excelling with to an nth degree more than their original.

    What can we do to get these forums active? We seem to have a great group of people from those I've worked with in the guild within the game's chat client, but these forums and vent is very quiet. Let's take advantage of whomever is running this site and paying for vent and honor them by getting some more activity within.


    Onto who I am. My characters are Scipio/Scipias/Strauss/Straussy/Straussel/Straussette/AidsRpeRmDot

    I played rift for 3 months actively, and then a final month strictly for raiding and cleared all content through 1.1 I believe it was, whenever hammerknell was. I come from top 10 world guilds in Warcraft, am a veteran streamer and youtube personality for TGN's old guard and will be getting back into that this summer I hope. I have been a raid leader for Cuties Only when we were competitors for world first representing the US, I was an interim organizer for Method also competing for world first kills on ptr and live servers. In my SWTOR experience, I was a contributor for developers on operations and a raid leader for my wife's social guild with Veritas Aequinas. When the guild moved to Empire side, our new name Impetus Imperium held top spots for content operation raiding with content through Denova, however we split apart after 6 months of game developers never implementing better graphics engines and moved into new career fields and different games.

    Out of gaming, I am a World History teacher who has worked with adjunct positions for the University of Houston, The American Public History Project where I was on the team rendering graphics and editing scripts for the History Channel documentaries. My collected works are largely purchased by Defense contractors due my field's specialty with 20th century Near and Far East interactions with the West. One case study publicly available is with where I look into the Desert Shield/Desert Storm as an anomaly largely due to US President HW Bush and his contact book and vantage on cooperative coalition building that has yet to be replicated or previously attempted unfortunately.

    Anywho, hello new guild home; I look forward to working with as many as I can.

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