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    My toon's name is Abitla. I am a forty something female in real life that does the single parenting, full time working and school thing. I started RIFT with the beta and left during the summer to play SWTOR. I have just recently come back to RIFT and am so glad I did. SWTOR was boring!

    I am a grinder, I love the crafts and quests. I like to chase down the story line and RP when there is an opportunity. I design my toon to be able to solo, since I tend to run alone a lot. I do like playing in groups, but find they run very fast through the quests. I have not done much raiding, but when I have it was a blast. I tend to *coughs* end up places I should not be....like agro central. Makes for interesting playtime. I play with one semi paralyzed hand, so my movement and speed is not always up to par. Still, I do pretty well considering.

    Can't say that I dislike anything in game. I will pretty much engage in anything for the Guild. You will find me on in the evenings, as work, family, school and errands take up the majority of my time and they have to come first. Very Happy

    I did tend to chase butterflies if I get bored. Random acts of crazy acts of trying to see how many agros I can get without dying or see if I can out run them just for giggles.

    Guess that is it for now. Very Happy

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