Raiding Guide Lines.


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    Raiding Guide Lines. Empty Raiding Guide Lines.

    Post  Grumpz on Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:12 pm

    So basing off the first raid we had last night on 1/5/2013, there are a few Guide Lines that we can all benefit from if everyone follows them.

    First off, prerequisites for raid nights.

    Make sure :
    1. Your Soul is at 100%
    2. You have food, preferably statted food.
    3. You have your planar attunement/whetstone/crafted weapon enchants.
    4. You have your raid stat/hp/mana potions.
    5. You have max planar charges.
    6. You need to be on 20-30 minutes before raid time.

    This is mandatory : KBM
    King Boss Mods. It's an addon that really helps the raider keep track of raid encounters.
    You can download it here :

    Loot Rules : Master looter with a green item threshold.

    Raid times : [Still in question.]

    Everyone needs to do a little research study . I and most likely some others, will be posting videos and strats on this forum that explain boss fights. This really helps everyone to save time and get more raid time in. Imagine if you were the raid leader and had to explain fights every time. It would stink. Sad

    But, these are pretty self explanatory, and if we can all follow them, raid nights will go smooth and a bit more pleasurable. And more time efficient! cheers

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