2.1 DPS spec.


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    2.1 DPS spec. Empty 2.1 DPS spec.

    Post  Grumpz on Wed Jan 09, 2013 5:02 pm


    cast fragmentation bomb
    cast shadow fire
    cast quick shot

    Opening Rotation:

    Shadow Fire - Head Shot
    Spike x5 - Macro x1

    Normal Rotation (start normal rotation immediately after opening rotation):

    Spike x5 - Head Shot
    Splinter Shot - Spam macro 1 until fragmentation bomb goes off

    Getting the most out of this spec has nothing to do with the strength of the attacks. It has to do with getting double ticks of spike and splinter. Frag bomb has the same cooldown as the duration of splinter and spike charge dots. Using it on cooldown will make sure all you never clip your dots and they fire in the second after they expire. Spike and splinter tick every 2 seconds, but when you reapply them you get an initial tick so you're getting a damage tick in back to back seconds.

    I spiked up to 14k on the dummy with just fervor in one go, usually I parse around 13.5k.


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