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    Hi all a bit about myself Empty Hi all a bit about myself

    Post  Joliara on Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:43 pm

    Just wanted to say hi and let you guys know I finally register on the site. I am Joliara/Ziessa/Skylin/Naylia/Lyia/Cyiana. I like to PvP, quest, a bit of roleplay, quest, and once in awhile you can find me in a dungon. I am a bit burned out on raids, I raided a lot in eq and eq2 and ran them so if I hear raid I useally go hid in one of my dimensions. Maybe someday I will be willing to raid again. Useally you can find me in my dimensions (Ziessa/Sandpiper) Joliara(Scythe) Skylin(Skyfall) Naylia (SeaView) Lyia (Silverwood), Cyiana (Solaris).. I can't spell so you guys will just have to translate.

    In real life I am 46 female, married for over 20 years and have 4 kids two boys 22 and 14 and two girls 13 and 11. I also am on the West Coast and work 40 hours a week.

    Off to play rift Smile

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