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    RIVER OF SOULS (credit to Rift Junkies)

    River of Souls is a 20 man dungeon thats part of the first Tier of raiding in RIFT. It is equivalent in gear and difficulty to Greenscale’s Blight. It’s location is at the top of Caer Mathos near the Baron in Stillmoor. Many of the fights require high coordination among raid members than some of the GSB fights. The layout of the raid is a large open area full of trash mobs, three bosses and three foci. The fourth boss, Alsbeth, is only available after Warmaster Galenir, Herald Gaurath, and Plutonous the Immortal, along with the three foci, are defeated.

    Most raiders will likely tell you that Warmaster is the easiest of all the bosses in the zone. Plutonous is quite simple as well, but it is a DPS check and requires the appropriate gear. Herald is more of a difficult fight that requires execution. However a raid can determine which boss to tackle first after the trash is cleared so you are not forced to kill in any sort of order, though some achievements will ask you to.

    If you are part of a raid just starting progression in River of Souls and you are having a difficult time defeating any of the boss encounters do not give up since it is still worth clearing the trash and Foci in the instance. The Foci are small mini boss encounters that drop loot and Marks of Ascension. Marks of Ascension replaced glyphed armor items in patch 1.3. You can purchase the Tier 3 set via marks in your faction’s capitol city. The trash also drops generic weapons and gives Mathosian notoriety.

    The trash is plentiful and a few of the trash mobs have special abilities. The rule of thumb is if you see a white bubble get out of it. If the mob is pulsing a red aura, run to it. If you see debuffs on your raid party, dispel them ASAP. There are some trash packs that have Archer mobs that shoot AOE damage. Kill them first.

    The remainder of this guide will go over each individual boss fight.

    The Dark Foci

    There are three Dark Foci in River of Souls. They drop 3 Marks of Ascension and one epic item. The fight is quite easy, it just requires everyone to pay attention.

    The Dark Foci will begin by damaging whoever the tank is and periodically cast Unhallowed Ground, a ground based AOE, on the tank. Because of this the tank should tank the Dark Foci away from the melee dps.

    Throughout the fight the Dark Foci will cast “Call Darkness” which summons 10 Corrupted Souls and a Force of Corruption which looks like a small version of the Dark Foci. At this point, all dps must be focused on the Force of Corruption. As soon as it spawns it begins casting, and if it completes the cast, the raid will wipe.

    At this point “Destabilize Soul” will be cast on a player in the raid. You will see a raid announcement and that player will grow in size. He will begin pulsing and aura that will kill the 10 Corrupted Souls summoned by “Call Darkness”. All that player needs to do is run through all the summoned NPCs and once they are all killed, run away from the raid. Once the debuff expires, the player will explode damaging anyone around them.

    The fight requires one tank and enough healers to heal any damage the Corrupted Souls do to the raid. If you’re raid is new, you might need a second tank to hold the Corrupted Soul’s attention until the “Destabilized Soul” can wipe them out.

    That is the whole fight. The fight will cycle through packs of Corrupted Souls and killing the Force of Corruption.

    Warmaster Galenir

    This is the easiest boss fight in River of Souls, and newer raids should start here. Warmaster drops three epic rated items and 3 Marks of Ascension. The fight requires two tanks and enough healing for the fight which has the potential for heavy AOE damage. The fight only has one source of damage, the boss. There are no adds. The key to this fight is to pay very close attention to the raid warnings.

    This fight requires the raid to position themselves precisely. You have the two tanks on the boss with everyone stacked up directly behind the boss in melee range with the exception of two players. Two players must stand 15-20 meters away from the boss and also be separated from each other by 20 yards. The reason for this will be mentioned in a moment.

    The Warmaster’s most important ability to watch out for is Essence Transfer. Whoever is the target of this ability will be called out in a Raid Warning. The moment the player sees that they are the target of Essence Transfer they must stop all actions or any action they do will heal the boss. If you see your name hit the ESC key to stop everything you’re doing and just stand there waiting for the debuff to wear off. Lower geared raids will most likely not be able to survive much healing due to the enrage timer.

    The reasoning for two players to stand far away and spread out is Discordant Contagion which is casted on the raid member that is farthest away from the Warmaster. Once he applies the Contagion it will spread to nearby raid members. The Warmaster will also charge when casting the Contagion. So if your two spread out players are positioned right, during this phase he will ping-pong back and forth between these two people. This effect can be dispelled.

    This fight requires a tank swap due to Infecting Strike. It will be applied on the tank so don’t let it stack up or the tank will explode. Depending on your gear and your healing abilities, tank swap at around 6-8 stacks.

    There are other various AOE damage abilities in this fight, but having a Sentinel/Justicar or Chloromancer type healer will be very helpful.

    There is one other major mechanic we have to account for and that is Galenir transforms into a werewolf every 30-40 seconds. During this phase he will do more damage, debuff the raid increase ability costs, and use some of his AOE damage abilities more often. To combat this a Mote of Calm will be spawned. Kill the Mote when it is near transformed Warmaster and he will revert to his old form.

    This sounds like a lot, but as long as you have to people spread out appropriately, swap tanks at the correct time, and players STOP everything when they get Essence Transfer cast on them, it’s essentially a DPS race to the enrage timer. You won’t have to move during the entire fight.

    Herald Gaurath

    The Herald Gaurath fight requires a lot of coordinated movement. The fight requires three tanks and the standard amount of healers and dps.

    Preparing for this fight, assign a Main Assist and a person for others to follow by placing a raid marker above their head.

    At the beginning of the fight the main tank will pick up Herald while the rest of the raid runs to his back left leg. After a short period of time, 5-10 seconds, Gaurath will cast Raise Dead. Icons will drop on the a random person not the tank. This includes pets so make sure all pet owners have their pets reigned in. As soon as the Icons drop the raid should move to the dragons back right leg.

    When the Icons drop, four mobs will spawn. Two Ancient Defilers, a Cutthroat and a Executioner. The second tank should pick up all four of the adds. The two Ancient Defilers will casting Defiling Storm that must be interrupted or it will most likely end up wiping the raid. Assign people to keep the two adds interrupted. When each of the Ancient Defilers are killed they explode so do not AOE down the adds. Kill them one at a time by assisting the Main Assist. Once the two Ancient Defilers are dead, begin AOE damage and then focus on the boss when the rest are down.

    After another short interval Herald will become airborne. He has a breath attack so make sure the Herald is never facing the raid. Once he is air born he will Raise Dead again and also summon another type of Icon called “Icon of the Herald”. Also during this phase he will cast Tidings of Woe on a random raid member. What this does it put a fiery aura around the player with lights, or flames, shooting up above them.

    This is the most difficult part of the fight. At this point the tank will have to pick up the four adds again. Tidings of Woe is cast, players will have to move in a called direction with the player with Tidings of Woe. Woe will kill a player if there are not enough people stacked up with them. If the entire raid moves with the targeted Woe player, then the damage will spread out evenly among everyone, and everyone will survive.

    The reason why you are moving is because at this time the Icon of the Herald will explode creating a large purple void zone you will have to avoid.

    At this point the Herald will land and an Indomitable Horror will spawn that the third tank will have to pick up and tank off to the side.

    If you can control your movement and transition during the air phase you’ve got the fight. This cycle will repeat until he is dead or enrages. The void zones will disappear and wont keep stacking up. The easiest movement scheme is to select either a clockwise or counter clockwise pattern. Make sure you bring the adds in close to the boss so that you can get AOE attack off after the Defilers are dead. Using a raid mark player to follow during transition makes things easier as well. As long as the tank places himself smartly so he doesn’t get trapped by the Icon of the Herald’s void zone and players can transition through the air phase, you should be able to beat the fight easily enough.

    Plutonous the Immortal

    Plutonous the Immortal is a DPS race but with movement. The fight only requires 1 tank with enough healers, and the only time the raid takes damage is during Shocking Ciphers which hits a random raid member and chains to nearby players. There is also an effect that is called Walking Sleep which acts as a fear. If a player hits the lightning field surround the fighting area, he will die and heal Plutnous. Dispel the sleep effect immediately.

    Plutonous has an energy bar. When it reaches 100 he will cast Demolishing Wave and wipe the raid.

    The fight is about managing Plutonous’ energy. The first phase of the fight is for the first 50% of Plutonus’ health. During this phase you can reset Plutonous’ energy by having him destroy a nearby Galvanic Focus with his Thunder Clap ability. Plutonus uses this ability every 5-10 seconds and if he is near a focus, then he will destroy it. You will most likely have to do this three times before he reaches 50% health.

    Things to watch out for: Do not attempt to destroy a focus without knowing when the next Shocking Cipher will come. Destroying a focus does a huge amount of AOE damage and Cipher hits for 75% of your health. A poorly timed combination of these two will result in a wipe. So when destroying Focus’, wait for a Cipher to hit, and then immediately pull Plutonus to a Focus for him to destroy.

    Plutonus also has a shield that needs to be DPS’d through.

    At the 50% health mark lightning field will spawn on edges of the platform and at each subsequent 10% health increments it will shrink and form a different pattern. You will no longer be able to use the Galvanic Focus to reset his energy, however that is what the crystals on the ground are for. Each crystal takes 20% of Plutonus’ energy and places a heavy damaging DOT on the player who picks up the crystal. There should be a dedicated player who picks the crystals and that person needs to have a dedicated healer.

    The fight is quite simple. If you can follow the patterns below and stay within the boundaries of the lightning field you should be able to defeat Plutonus if you have enough DPS.

    Phase Two Lightning Field Configuration

    Phase 2-1
    Phase 2-2
    Phase 2-3
    Phase 2-4

    Alsbeth the Discordant

    This fight is incredibly hectic but once you understand what is going on, it’s quite easy. It requires at least three tanks One for Alsbeth, a second for a tank swap if necessary, a third for adds. Alsbeth also goes through a cycle where she will be dps-able then shields herself and takes up into the air becoming immune to damage.

    The fight starts off with Alsbeth in the middle. Arround the platform are three large towers. This is where crystal spawn, more on these later.

    During the whole fight there is one emote you must pay attention to. Alsbeth will point to someone and you will see a raid warning saying a person is wracked with energy. This person must immediately begin moving around, no jumping, just running. Do not stop until the debuff runs out. If you stay still for any moment you will pulse AOE damage to everyone around you. During this you are able to attack and use instant cast abilities. Don’t run in front of Alsbeth as you will get cleaved.

    Once Alsbeth is engaged she will spawn three Defiled Guardians or Defiants around her. A tank must pick these up. You will have a medium amount of time to dps Alsbeth.

    Once this time is up, Alsbeth takes to the sky and become immune, this will begin the Air Phase which is very difficult. At this point little purple “wisps” will spawn called Discordant Energy. There are also three types of large adds that have the potential to spawn as well: Soul Thief (black), Soul Magus (grey) and a Soul Harbringer (white). The amount of these adds will ramp up, for each air phase, until all three are spawned.

    Few things you must consider:
    •The large black/grey add, the Soul Magus, casts a spell called Soul Destruction. This must be interrupted or the raid will wipe. The Magus also casts a spell called Chains of Discord on a random raid member that will cause a significant amount of damage and also bounce to nearby raid members. Spreading out during this phase is important.
    •Both Black and Grey put a debuff on the tank that will explode at a 10 count. A tank swap may be needed if you have all three adds up.
    •When you have a combination of White and Grey, bring them together and AOE them down.

    A pillar will also spawn that must be killed, but they spawn with a shield. To destroy the shield, you must kill the “wisps”. When you kill them crystals will spawn on the towers mentioned above. Grab the crystal and run it to the spawned pillar. The DPS will have to run to the pillar and destroy it. Once the pillar and the adds are down, Alsbeth will land.

    Also during the Air Phase, Alsbeth will cast Discordant Meteor on the person farthest from the center. Nearby players will need to stack up with that person so when the Meteor hits, it’s damage is dispersed among enough people. You will need at least 5-6 people to not one shot anyone.

    The first air phase will have one pillar and one Soul Thief/Magus/Harbringer
    The second air phase will have two pillars and any two combinations of Thief/Magus/Harbringer.
    The third air phase and every phase beyond will have three pillars and all three adds.

    Air Phase Summary:
    •Alsbeth flies up and become immune.
    •Defiled Guardians or Defiants may still be active.
    •Discordant Energy spawn
    •Pillar(s) will spawn
    •A Thief, Magus, and/or Harbringer will spawn.
    •Once all Pillars and adds are killed, Alsbeth will land.

    Things to do:
    •Stack of the Meteor target if you are in range.
    •Each of the three tanks need to pick up the Thief/Magus/Harbringer when Alsbeth takes off.
    •The Tank with the Guardian/Defiant adds will need to collect them and the Harbringer and bring them to a common area for AOE dps.
    •Magus’ Soul Destruction must be interrupted.
    •Wracked Soul target needs to keep moving.
    •Kill Wisps.
    •Grab crystals and bring them to pillars.
    •Stay spread out due to Chains of Discord if a Magus is alive
    •Make sure you group up the wisps and left over Defiled Guardians and Defiants so they die to AOE dps.

    This cycle will continue until Alsbeth is 20% health.

    At 20%, Alsbeth will regenerate her health and a large amount of wisps will spawn. Gather them and kill them. As they die crystals will spawn at the towers again. Grab them and run them into Alsbeth. They will do ~7% damage to her. She also has a damage shield that will instantly kill you if it’s up and you run a crystal into her.

    All of Alsbeth’s damaging abilities are active during this phase, including a ground based AOE attack. Kill wisps, collect crystals and run them to Alsbeth. This last phase isn’t very difficult.

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