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    Post  Daizi on Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:43 am

    I am a 40 something female in RL. I work for the federal government...yeh, yeh...I know....but it's a job with lotsa bennies lol! !

    I am a single mom to a great son...he is old enough to work, etc. LOL!

    I have played Rift since Beta, took a break for a bit and went back to EQ and WoW...but am back now as I really missed Rift!

    I like to pvp...and do my best, I don't take it too seriously, cause it would just make me cry too much, hahahaha Evil or Very Mad . Still learning a lot though.

    Let's see what else...

    I guess that is it for now. Oh, I don't RP much, well ok...at all. It seems so I guess boring, plus I got things to kill and grind xp, etc.!

    Oh, my pet peeves are sarcastic, ignorant people...that are just hateful. I will immediately put on ignore, in guild or not. I just don't like it...they are the ones that tend to think they are all that and then disrespect others, etc.

    OK, that's it for now! Thanks for having me! If you see my age in my profile...I am REALLY not 80+ something haha!


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