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    Post  Murrbella on Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:06 pm

    Here are a few useful rp definitions, written by the infamous Alustar:

    GodModding, or God Mode: granting ones character the inability to have actions, or outside interference effect him, or claiming certain actions are already resolved before the other player has a chance to respond.

    Example: *The man rushed Alustar and swung his blade across his chest in an attempt to gore his belly, at the same time three other men enter the fray two of them slashing with their own weapons at alustars back, the other making to bash him with a club*

    Bad example of a reply: *alustar simply ducks out from under the now four men, laughing at all of them as they attempt to catch him*

    Good example: *Alustar back peddles from the first man, narrowly avoiding the belly slash, seeing the two other men pressing fast he attempts to dodge again, his body twisting, avoiding one blow to catch the second across the chest, then feels a numbing thump as he feels the club connect cleanly with the back of his neck. In response Alustar planeshift from the middle, trying desperately to gain equal footing.*

    Meta Gaming: Mixing ICly what your character knows with information you already know ICly. The most common one here is guild alignments, remember, if you haven't seen the person before or met or heard of them in conversation, how are you to know which guild they belong with. best to inspect the person over, and if the other person doesn't catch your subtle hints, ask them OOCly if they wear a badge from their guild. Alu does, but he hides his behind his ear in locks of his hair, for this very reason. this can also extend to OOCly calling aid to you in times of need. if you are going to try to rally forces, you need to give some clue of what you are doing ICly to help key the other character in on whats going on. or just pray someone passes by that would help you out.

    God-Emoting: Emoting for someone elses character in one of your own emotes.

    Bad example. *Alustar leaped in, his blades brandished in a flurry of steel, slashing and hacking away at the group of four men, grinning wildly as each one fell in succession.*

    Good example. *Alustar leaped back in, his blades readied as he began to brandish them in a flurry of steel, each strike carefully measured and aimed to strike at their more vital areas. assuming they stood still, all would be near incapacitated in minutes.*

    Those are the basics of some of the issues that can be faced. The ways you resolve them are yours, just remember, your actions not only reflect you, but the guild as a whole. And always maintain passive action in conflict, nothing makes you look better, and them look worse than sitting there and going with the flow of the RP until you can find a creative way out of it, while still maintaining your integrity. Trust me, i have gotten several kudos in the past for having dealt well with godmodders on WoW. Die hard RPers will look higher on you if you don't just rage quit the RP and start flaming them for their obvious incompetence.

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