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    You Might Have Heard... Empty You Might Have Heard...

    Post  Murrbella on Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:23 pm

    The purpose of this thread is to give people an "in" to RP with your character. Post here with a short description of something that anyone in a public setting could have noticed or overheard about you, or what you've been up to.

    Looking for someone to RP with? Be proactive! Don't just post your own information... look through what others have posted and find a way to strike up a conversation with someone else.


    Common Knowledge: These are things that are easily noticed by anyone paying the slightest attention to your character.

    * You might have noticed that Jane carries a drawing pad with her wherever she goes, and sketches things compulsively.

    * If you've heard her speak to anyone, it will be obvious that she has a tendency to speak very slowly and carefully, to an unusual degree.

    * Jane is only ever seen wearing the color blue.

    * Jane is horribly shy.

    * OR, post a snippet of a conversation that might have been overheard.

    Lesser Known Information: These are things that, while not immediately obvious upon meeting your character, could be found out by watching you for a while, or asking people about you.

    * Jane is friends with Jill, but they seem to argue quite a bit.

    * Jane is absolutely terrified of cats.

    * Jane can often be seen practicing with her sword outside the Guild hall. She has a very military style.

    * Jane always wears an ornate brooch that is engraved with several words. Someone might be able to make out what they are if they strike up a conversation with her.

    * OR, post rumors that might be circulating about your character.

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    You Might Have Heard... Empty Re: You Might Have Heard...

    Post  Murrbella on Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:32 pm

    I don't have one for Murrbella yet, but here is one for Rivvka, for an example:


    Common Knowledge (Easily Overheard): Things that are easily noticed by anyone paying the slightest attention to your character:
    •She enjoys potions and magic
    •Rivvka works in the chemical and magitech labs (though she was fired from these in Sedition)
    •She hates when people touch her
    •She is married to Aamadeo and obviously adores him
    •She almost always emanates heat from her body and small flames from her fingers; at times flames erupt off of her
    •Rivvka is very kind and sympathetic to those she thinks deserve it
    •She loves animals

    Lesser Known Knowledge (Average): Things that are not immediately obvious upon meeting your character, but can be found out by observing or asking people about your character:
    •Rivvka is analytical, yet emotionally intense; she is empathic
    •Emotional conflict and/or possession of other people around her cause greater amounts of fire energy to come off her. Her eyes flicker with flames the worse it becomes. However, she is immune to becoming possessed herself
    •Rivvka drinks A LOT and often passes out because of it; she often drinks unknown potions from her flask
    •Her hair and clothes burn often due to experiments in her lab
    •Rivvka only recently aquired a home with Dwin. Before this, she slept in the desert on the hot sand under the stars
    •She often performs cleansing rituals and meditations with sand and fire
    •She does not swim and hates being in the water
    •She has great empathy for those who deserve it, and believes she was ascended to help innocents and ascended who need it
    •Rivvka has great disdain for people who are weak and do not want to become strong, or people who are in fear but do not want to gain courage

    Rare Knowledge (Difficult): Things known only to close friends or family members, or obtained through direct interaction or conversation with your character, should they choose to divulge the information:
    •Rivvka lived her first life 500 years ago during the peak of the Eth civilization; she was a lead scientist of magical potions and magitech under the Sorceror King of Redoubt
    •During the Convocation, she was captured by cultists and tortured for many days for information. Much of the torture involved water, and a waterfall near Redoubt. She never broke, but died from the torture through drowning. This is why she hates water and being touched, or the thought of anyone abusing power over her
    •She is very abstract; her empathy for others is extremely strong, but her mind often falls into chaos and fire. This conflicts greatly with her analytical side.
    •Even though she is emotionally intense and grapples with being empathic, she is very strong and her fire magic extremely powerful
    •When she is taken over by chaos, she loses some control, and sometimes memory. The fire from her is so intense at these times that she often burns her hair and clothing, but she tells people it is from lab experiments.
    •At it's worst, chaos and rage in her convert her red fire to black fire. She struggles with this, and has to purge the black flames and re-purify herself with the natural fire. The corrupt energy causes slight personality changes.
    •She is often able to meditate and put the pieces of her chaos-shattered mind back together; she can manipulate her own neurotransmitter paths and molecules with great success (thus she cannot be poisoned easily). She has tried this method on 3 people, with a 66% success rate
    •Demons and other malicious spirits can channel through her or call to her. Some can telepathically speak to her. She can push many back with her fire, as well as draw them to her. Some entities throw her into chaos and drive her to lose control
    •Rivvka drinks large amounts of alcohol when she feels the need to numb her empathic senses
    •She mixes potions for herself to balance her fire energy thermodynamically, and to give it more fuel and endurance; sometimes she experiments with a mixture that does not affect her well
    •She has disdain for the people that use the term "family" to describe Sedition; she feels she has been betrayed and deceived by many members
    •To innocents, animals and children, as well as people she cares about she is savagely loyal. Even people she does not care for or know, if she feels they are doing what is right, she will do all she can to help and protect them

    Newer Info
    •Riv derives a somewhat twisted pleasure from pulling energy from others into herself; it gives her a "high". She understands the wrongness and dangers of this, and refrains from acting on the impulses
    •Rivvka received a small source of rage in herself that fuels the corrupt black fire in her; these are memories forced upon her by Raijiin, and left on accident in her mind by Dwin.
    •Rivvka uses this as a very powerful weapon to help those who need it; but as it builds over time it takes her over; often throwing her into an unsconsious state, where her mind shatters like a crystal
    •Rivvka's character is inherently compassionate and logical; adding rage and chaos to this causes much distress, but she has worked tirelessly to come to grips with it, and is making some progress
    •Rivvka has perfected a planar energy strengthening ritual, that she first crafted for Dwin, but uses it for any friends who may need it. She has used this on 3 people. It drains her and weakens her
    •Duciont is Rivvka's father-in-law
    •Rivvka found a way to free Dwin from the power his "real" name had on him. She finally freed him of the grasp of this name, but had to give up some of her essence to him. This is a permanent weakening, and may be why her planar energy is more easily corrupted now
    •Rivvka has battled Dwin's possessors and the others in him for the entire time they have been together, relentless in her pursuit to free him from all that bound him. Through a long time of tempering and annealing, she feels she has succeeded, or atleast helped as much as possible

    Possible Rumors, Reports, and Speculation
    •Rivvka does not believe the gods are good, she sees them on the same levels as the demons she has encountered
    •She often fraternizes with demons, and makes deals with them
    •Absorbing the rage and chaos of others is like a drug to her
    •She is addicted to risk-taking and dangerous situations
    •She causes trouble for anyone who is around her
    •Rivvka has no problem killing people who threaten her or Aamadeo
    •Riv helped a demon possess Dwin
    •She wields demons like weapons
    •Rivvka is vigil ascended

    Now all the demons look like prophets
    And I'm living out every word they speak

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