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    Post  Sorchya and Aerishaeni on Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:30 am

    I am just getting back into RIFT after leaving a while ago. I had two level 50s but had forgotten how to play them so rebuilt from scratch. In RL I am an older mom and gamer, married to a gamer guy who prefers Star Trek online, other games vary. My daughter is a teenager.

    In game I like to RP and will do runs with familiar people. I love my bard I am redoing, Aerishaeni who does not see herself as a hero so much as an encourager of heroes and collector of stories. She is a guardian but does not believe in the factions, she thinks that just plays into the enemies' hands allowing divide and conquer.

    Sorchya, my Eth paladin, is a pragmatic kind of girl who goes in if she sees a problem and does what she can to help. She is actually based on my daughter some who pulls aggro off of kids being bullied in our neighborhood, but also a DnD character of mine who started off rescuing some kids from slavers.

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