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    Post  Sorchya and Aerishaeni on Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:37 am

    I'm an older gamer (50something) from DnD tabletop, hate the "old" word though. I am married to a gamer guy who presently is not on RIFT and we often sit side by side on our computers. One thing I love about gaming is that it transcends age...we all have much in common.

    I work as a nurse in RL, at the moment on temporary disability after a surgery. My work hours are weird, 12 hour night shifts that change days week to week and usually include every other weekend.

    I also garden, and all my family likes to draw.

    We have three cats and one daughter, who is also a gamer, currently doing a lot of LOL

    We all play minecraft also, and various console games, subject to change.

    I am newly back to Rift, relearning the game on new characters as I could not figure out what to do with the old ones. Sometimes the invasions are a pain in the butt when I am trying to level and to quest but I do like how people will pull together and deal with them also. I like RP a lot, some PVE (though my schedule has always sucked for raiding...) and having fun. My pet peeves are mean abusive people...there's too much of that in RL as it is. Feedback is always good, but we all know the type.

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