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    At a Glance

    Character Name: Aerishaeni

    Gender: female

    Race: high elf

    Physical Age: looks like a very young adult

    Ascended?: yes

    Ascended from how far in the past?: during the times when many of the High Elves left Silverwood to help their allies elsewhere and the goblins tried to burn the forest down (again)


    Place of Birth: Silverwood forest

    Place of Residence: she wanders, but returns to Silverwood from time to time.

    Physical Appearance: Loves to wear green and purple, pretty but up close you can see a few burn marks on her left shoulder and arm and leg.

    Hair Color: red-auburn with hints of copper.

    Eye Color: they change from blue to green

    Skin tone: Fair with a hint of tan

    Height: shorter for an elf

    Weight: average for an elf

    Distinguishing Traits: Has a few reddish looking burn marks on left shoulder, arm, leg. Walks with a bouncy step. Often singing or humming.

    Wardrobe Preference: Likes nice clothes, purple and green, hates hats.

    Weapons of Choice: She prefers to wage war verbally rather than enter combat but will pull out two daggers or a bow if needed.

    Noteworthy Accessories: Carries a lute, small flute, and a small hand drum on her in cases, also has a notebook and pen.

    Character Personality: Social, usually upbeat, curious, caring.

    Alignment: Chaotic good

    Build: average for an elf.

    You see a Guardian walking alone down the road...You decide to....
    assess if they are hostile from a distance and depending on her mood interact with them or not....everyone has a story. Her reaction is no different than if she sees a Defiant coming down the road....except if they are not hostile she may ask them about machines. She collects stories from both.

    Profession: Collector of tales, minstrel

    Hobbies: does like to make outfits on the side, sewing being something she can work on while listening in an inn or gathering.

    Character Quirks (Optional) Edgy around fire, fond of children and small animals, likes to come up with songs and stories and to learn new ones.

    Personality: Outgoing most of the time, but often will enter a place and play to kind of get the mood of where she is, creative, usually upbeat, caring, curious.

    Motivations: Likes to learn about people and things, totally one of those people addicted to music, hopes to bring hope and cares about keeping the world from being destroyed, needs to be able to travel.

    Pet Peeves: Hates being trapped, especially in a small dark silent room. Hates inappropriate burning of things and places. Annoyed with house Aelfwar closing themselves off to seeing the needs of the larger world and being unwilling to have allowed any high elven help to be sent where needed.

    Friends, Family and Allies: Eruphadriel, people she has met from her guild The Gauntlet, her brother Jhairean, the Kelari hunter Aerkir who brought her a gift of venison when it could not safely be gotten in the Silverwood.

    Noteworthy Enemies: House Aelfwar has some who would like her dead, including a bard there.

    Famous Quotes/Sayings: "Everyone has a story" "There are good folk and vile folk everywhere and amongst all the races."

    Character Backstory: She never expected to be made ascended. She used to teach children as well as making music and collecting tales, and she rescued a bunch of them out of a burning building during a goblin attack and got them to safety before dying of the smoke inhalation.

    Post-Ascension History: She has been traveling around learning what has happened since and making two other personalities within her feel at home: A quiet and shy marksman named Jhaia and a nightblade who does not like to give out her name but likes to come along to quietly observe what is going on through Aeri's eyes.

    For the Glory of The Gauntlet!

    Everybody has a story.

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