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    GUILDED PROPHESY (credit to Rift Junkies)

    Gilded Prophecy is RIFT’s first 10 man raid dungeon. It is located in eastern Shimmersand that can only be accessed if you have one player with Planar Site, the 25,000 planarite ability. Gilded Prophecy contains four bosses that get increasingly more difficult. As far as raid composition, the first raid boss requires two tanks, and the rest require one. You will need a Bard/Archon for at least the last fight. Healer and dps composition is up to the raid leader depending on character strength.

    The best thing about Gilded Prophecy is that the loot is on par with both GSB and ROS allowing smaller guilds to gear up easier for the other 20 man raids. You can also earn raid Marks for Tier 1 raid gear from each boss.

    The bestest thing about Gilded Prophecy is that you can use your mount inside!

    As soon as you enter you will be placed at the base of a large mountain that you will have to work your way up. The first section of the instance is the heaviest with trash. Prior to the first boss there are two mobs you have to watch out for. The first one is a large NPC that calls out a players name. The mob will immediately run after that player and often one-shot them. The only way to avoid death is to either run away, use an ability that allows you to absorb damage, or stop all movement and actions.

    The second mob is a female NPC at the top of the first ramp that does a large knockback. This can cause the tank to be knocked back off the cliffs and die, or get knocked into other groups of trash mobs. The easiest way to deal with this NPC is to run through here straight back against the wall. She does long ranged attacks so it would difficult to lead here down the platform.

    After clearing out the trash you will come upon Anrak the first boss.

    Anrak the Foul

    All the fights in Gilded Prophecy are different that have some unique mechanics. Anrak requires two tanks, exact player movement, and quick spot healing. The fight starts off with a single tank pulling Anrak; the best place being near the ramp up to the platform. The more room you have to work with, the better.

    Things the tank has to worry about:
    Anrak will stack a debuff on the tank that increases incoming damage by 10%. Tanks will have to swap in and out as the stacks get too large for them. The number of stacks will depend on the healer’s and tank’s ability and gear. Also, throughout the fight Anrak will prepare a Tail Strike. This will kill anyone in front of Anrak. The tank simply have to run through Anrak, and behind him, to avoid it.

    The last thing the tank has to worry about is a ground effect that comes later in the fight. You will see a rune like effect on the ground that decreases the damage done to Anrak by 20%. The boss will need to be pulled out of this area.

    Things the healers and dispellers will have to worry about:
    Anrak has an eye beam that is cast on a random player. Healers will have to concentrate healing on this specific person or the target will die. It has a short duration, but healers will have to react to the raid warning message. Anrak also casts a venom on a random target which is visually represented by a single bubble. This must be dispelled or will cause the raid to take a large amount of damage.

    The last thing players will need to concentrate on is Spines of the Earth. When Anrak casts this spell, every player will be surrounded by a bubble. Players will need to spread out so your bubble does not overlap anyone else’s avatar. You can overlap bubbles, but the bubble can’t touch anyone. If your raid is melee heavy, it is probably best to designate which direction the melee move before the fight starts. Make sure ranged players are set appropriately as well.

    Occasionally, Anrak will summon small scorpion adds. They are merely an annoyance, but if they get stuck on the healers, it may cause a wipe. They have a small health pool, you will be able to kill them quickly.


    After defeating Anrak, you will have a few more packs of trash to clear before getting to Guurloth. You will find him up the path in his own little area by two tents. Once you get to him, there is no more trash to clear.

    Guurloth is a pretty simple fight that requires everyone to pay attention. It’s essentially as easy as Simon Says. Guurloth stands in a single spot and never moves. The fight requires one tank and minimal healing. Let’s go over what Guurloth asks you to do.
    •“Jump little fools!”
    ◦This is quite self explanatory. Once this raid warning pops up, you will see Guurloth pulsing rings of AOE damage that you can avoid by jumping. It is possible to get hit a few times and survive. If you find yourself getting hit, stop spamming the spacebar and reset your timing and avoid the next wave.
    •“Draegan will do nothing, or you all suffer!”
    ◦Whoever is called must stop doing anything. Stand there and don’t use any abilities, move, or autoattack. If you do, you will do raid wide damage and potentially kill someone.
    •“Say hello to my friend, little ones!”
    ◦At this point, Guurloth will summon an add. If it is close to Guurloth, it will heal him. If you don’t kill it fast enough, it will spawn a friend of a friend. The tank should pick it up and bring it to the bank and should be focused down and killed.
    •“Dare you gaze upon the Orb of Power?”
    ◦Once Guurloth raises his orb, all players must turn away from him and face the back of the room. This often happens when the add is spawned.
    •“Run little fools!”
    ◦Very simply, once you see this message, you need to start running around and not stop moving. You can attack, jump, cast instant spells/abilities, but don’t stop moving or you will begin to take big damage.

    A few more things to be concerned about:

    You will see a raid warning saying “Guurloth gathers the strength of the earth and focuses on Draegan!” The focus of this is always the tank. The tank should use cooldown abilities to absorb the damage. Healers should be prepared to quickly heal the tank after he is hit. It usually hits for 5-8000 damage.

    Also, Guurloth casts earthen geysers at ranged players. You can see them by pulsing golden bubbles on the ground. Just move out of them to avoid taking additional damage

    Guurloth also has a random 1-3000 damage ability he casts on random players throughout the fight.

    After a certain point of the fight, dust devils (tornadoes) spawn. They pick the player up and throw them into the air. They disrupt casting and do damage. Try to avoid them if possible, healers especially.

    Pro-tip: Players standing on top of the huts behind Guurloth avoid a lot of the AOE damage and random effects.

    The fight is easy, remember. Do whatever Guurloth says, avoid the ground effects and just do enough dps to kill him. It seems like a lot but as you see in the video, the phases come at a steady pace.

    Defile the offering to Laethys

    After defeating the second boss you will need to defile the offering on the altar below. You can find the altar by going back down the path from Guurloth, and dropping down the path on the right and clear the trash to the altar. Or you can you get a rogue to stealth his way to the altar, defile the offering, die, and run back.

    The second option is quicker. Remember you can mount inside Gilded Prophecy and the grave yard is close by the entrance. Doing this allows you access to the last boss.


    Thalguur is a very interesting fight with some unique mechanics that can wipe the most experienced raid. There are only a few things you need to do and pay attention to, but if you don’t keep pace you will find yourself wiping.

    The fight starts off with Thalguur crumbled in the middle of the area where the group will begin to dps him. After a short while he will smash a pillar. When he does this crystals appear with a shovel sticking up from the ground nearby. The player that has the least amount of responsibility, usually the Bard, or the least DPS should grab the shovel.

    Here is what the player with the shovel needs to do throughout the fight. All around on the ground, you will see mounds of dirt. During each cycle of the fight ghosts will spawn that the tank needs to pick up. To get rid of these adds you will need to click on the mound of dirt that is sparkling. When you do this, it will reveal a treasure chest that will attract a ghost and make him disappear. As the fight progresses, more and more ghosts appear, and more mounds will be need to dug up.

    It is very important that you get all the mounds during each cycle or you could very well overwhelm the tank.

    That being said, here is the strategy for this fight. Thalguur has a few abilities you will need to watch out for. You will see a call, “Thalguur focuses his energy on Draegan!” that will signify to the healers to focus heal that player much like Anrak’s Eye Beam. This will happen randomly throughout the fight.

    The second ability put a short pulsing aura on a player that does AOE damage to everyone around them. This player must move away from everyone.

    At the beginning of each phase, Thalguur will smash a random pillar. This pillar, through just this phase, will point a beam on a random player. This player must run to that pillar so the debuff is removed. If they don’t get to the pillar in time they will “explode” removing the stacking buff everyone has on them. This is very important to execute, and here is why.

    As we already mentioned, at the beginning of each phase, Thalguur is crumbled in a pile and crystals sprout from the ground. There are enough for everyone to grab 4-6 each. It is important to keep track of how many you have and you don’t want to steal other player’s crystals. The crystals give players a buff that reduces damage taken, and increases damage dealt. Thalguur takes increasing less damage and does increasingly more damage as the fight progresses and these crystal buffs act as a counter to that. Fall behind in buffs and you’ll find yourself becoming ineffective and also taking increased damage.

    This cycle repeats itself until he dies: Crystals, Ghosts, Pillar Beams etc. The one thing you need to make sure you watch out for is the Thalguur’s knockback. If you are standing near the edge of the plateau, you can be knocked off and out of the fight.

    As long as you pay attention to the crystal count, the pillar beam and the ghosts, you should eventually kill Thalguur without any issue.


    The final boss of the instance can be considered easy and hard depending on your groups ability to move quickly and place themselves appropriately. You will need a full raid contingent of an Archon with a special dominator build with a spell reflect, a single tank and a bard along with a justicar.

    The fight begins with Uruuluk in the front of the temple at the top of the steps. After you engage he will begin by “pointing” at someone. He will do this throughout the fight, but the first time this happens that player should begin by running straight back to the center of the platform.

    When you are pointed at, you will freeze into a crystal after a very short time. If you are frozen to close to Uruuluk you will begin to heal him. Once a player is turned into a crystal, everyone else must focus the crystal down and break it – freeing the player.

    However the first time this happens, as we mentioned, you will have to run back as fast as you can. Uruuluk will soon teleport to one of three locations: 1) Front steps coming from Thalguur, 2) To the left of the temple steps and 3) To the right of the temple steps. After Uruuluk teleports he will soon start pulsing a red ring and you will see the raid warning:

    Uruuluk forms an expanding bubble of force!

    If you are out of this “bubble” you will be killed (tanks can survive it). After the initial engagement, if Uruuluk teleports to the rear steps the player that has been crystallized will be very far away and players will need to get to Uruuluk quickly after clearing the crystal. The farther to the center that player gets, the easier it is for the raid to get into position.

    After the first time, the trick is placing yourself, as the crystal, to be just far enough away from Uruuluk so you don’t heal him, but close enough so melee dps can attack the crystal within the “bubble of force”.

    Pro-tip: Remember you can mount up during the fight. So if Uruuluk teleports far away, mount up and ride!

    Things to watch out for:
    1) Uruuluk will cast an AOE boulder shower spell. Keep the AOE heals up.
    2) Uruuluk will cast a spell called Fist of Laethys that a mage with Reflective Command must cast to reflect it back to Uruuluk. This is extremely important.
    3) Uruuluk will randomly do a 1-2000 damage ranged attack on someone.

    This cycle will happen a few times until you reach around 67% health where he will then disappear and everyone must get to the center fountain area where you will see a large pulsing green bubble. Stay inside until Uruuluk reappears. There will also be adds, kill them once Uruuluk appears.

    After a short time, three Shrines of Gold will appear. The tank should keep Uruuluk in the center while the dps go after each shrine on at a time. Kill them quickly since they will buff Uruuluk. Be careful however, Uruuluk now cleaves. Don’t get to close to him or have the tank face him away from the Shrines.

    After a certain amount of time, whether the Shrines are down or not, Uruuluk will go back into the previous cycle of teleporting.

    Once you push him past 30% he will teleport back to his start point at the temple where he started. This is the last phase.

    Placement is extremely important at this point. Uruuluk will cast an ability that damages everyone. The amount of damage depends on how many players are around you and how far away they are. Configurations will differ depending on the number of ranged and melee players, but melee should evenly spread out around Uruuluk, while the ranged players spread out evenly on the steps.

    The tank will need to stay at the foot of the steps as skeletons will begin to spawn. The tank needs to gather up all the skeletons and keep them away from Uruuluk or they will heal him. Have your justicar meleeing the skeletons for increased raid healing. This will help a lot with the AOE damage Uruuluk does.

    During this phase, Uruuluk will still do the “bubble of force” mechanic, so keep an eye out for that. At this point, the tank should be able to use cooldowns to stay out of the bubble and still live.

    If you can keep the tank up and keep the skeletons on the tank, all the dps has to do is kill Uruuluk and you can collect your loot.

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