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    Sorchya background Empty Sorchya background

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    At a Glance

    Character Name: Sorchya

    Gender: female

    Race: Eth

    Physical Age: Adult

    Ascended?: yes

    Ascended from how far in the past?: Generations back


    Place of Birth: In her parents' tent traveling through Shimmersand

    Place of Residence: Has a small home in Westmarch on a hill until she is strong enough to be able to make her home in Shimmersand again.

    Physical Appearance: Dark skinned, sturdy

    Hair Color: Brown with cinnamon highlights

    Eye Color: Brown

    Skin tone: Rich brown

    Height: A bit above average

    Weight: Average

    Distinguishing Traits: Teeth look really white when she smiles, prefers to keep her hair up.

    Wardrobe Preference:

    Weapons of Choice: Anything that works with a shield, though a curved sword looks coolest to her.

    Noteworthy Accessories:

    Character Personality: Fairly quiet, one to go out and do what is needed, pragmatic.

    Alignment: Neutral, leans towards good

    Build: Average

    You see a Guardian walking alone down the road...You decide them and see what they are up to and if they are hostile.

    Profession: Armorsmithing

    Hobbies: likes to dance and play drums

    Character Quirks (Optional): Not fond of cold weather or wintry environments.

    Personality: Pragmatic

    Motivations: To fight when needed but also to do the practical things that help. She is a firm believer in being proactive.

    Pet Peeves: Wanton cruelty, blizzards, people not checking their foot gear for vermin before putting it on, being too cold

    Friends, Family and Allies: She keeps track of her tribe, descendants of her family

    Noteworthy Enemies: she is not aware of any noteworthy ones

    Famous Quotes/Sayings: on repairing armor "beat it to fit, paint it to match." "I'm not against prayer as a stress is less likely to break a malfunctioning machine than beating it with a sledgehammer would."

    Character Backstory: She lived her life in the deserts of Shimmersand, wandering with her clan and even had a husband and child who have since long lived their lives and moved on. She was a warrior protector of her people and died during one of the frequent invasions defending her clan.

    Post-Ascension History: She is very concerned with having seen the end of the world and being one of the ones sent back to correct the past. She wants to find out what was done wrong and what can be done to correct it or at least change things so that the world does not have to end at the hands of Regulos. Right now she is training as she works her way through the world. She has adopted two others within herself, a young void knight and a warlord who are both descended from herself and who have set her in a sort of maternal role with them.

    For the Glory of The Gauntlet!

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