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    Post  Aydia on Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:08 pm

    I hate to refer someone to another site for info but these guides are pretty decent and I don't feel like writing one myself since it would basically be a repeat of what these guys have already done.

    Covenant of the Pheonix Macro Guide

    Ultimate Macro Guide by Blackholex

    One thing to note is the cool down is not displayed for macros so it is nice to have some sort of alert addon like KaruulAlert. The tool tip will also not display correctly - it will show a portion of your macro code which sucks as well but is better than nothing.

    For healing I have a lot of my damaging spells set to cast on the target of my target so I never have to work very hard to find the correct target to focus my spores on. This works great for me especially when my target is the tank.

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