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    Post  Vyylence on Sun Jul 29, 2012 6:35 pm

    A quick guide:

    Tier 1: Removed In Patch 1.7
    This armor used to be the entry level 'no requirements' set.

    Tier 2: No Requirements To Buy
    Sold by Favor Quartermaster Girdoom
    Cleric: Repudiator's
    Rogue: Seditionist's
    Mage: Occultist's
    Warrior: Legionnaire's

    Tier 3: No Requirements To Buy. [Start Here]
    Sold by Legionnaire Quartermaster Xanther Cintel
    Cleric: Retributor's
    Rogue: Vigilante's
    Mage: Theurgist's
    Warrior: Brigadier's

    Tier 4: Tier 3 Required to Upgrade
    Sold by Centurion Quartermaster Sandra Carns
    Cleric: Heretic's
    Rogue: Nihilist's
    Mage: Virtuoso's
    Warrior: Conqueror's

    Tier 5: Tier 4 Required to Upgrade
    Sold by Eldritch Knight Quartermaster Guy Moonsworn
    Cleric: Harbinger's
    Rogue: Reaper's
    Mage: Savant's
    Warrior: Vanquisher's

    Suggested Strategy:
    If you are just getting started in PvP, work on the complete Tier 3 set first. This will put your Valor on par with most others in warfronts and conquest. Valor is like Toughness for PvP. If you try to PvP without Valor you'll get 1 shot. It's absolutely critical that you get your valor as fast as possible.

    Once you have your Tier 3 armor, upgrade one piece at a time to max level. Most people highly recommend doing it in this order:
    1: Chest
    2: Pants
    3: Shoulders
    4: Helmet
    5: Belt
    6: Ring
    7: Amulet
    8: Boots
    9: Gloves

    Personally, I prefer boots and gloves before the ring and amulet, but this is the general advice I've gotten. This maximizes your armor protection increase while giving you the best statistical gains possible. Get the Tier 3 synergy crystal from Jiana Relos <The Unseen> in the Catari Command Center in Meridian.

    By the time you've maxed your gear out you should be of the appropriate Prestige ranks to buy your top Tier Synergy Crystal.

    I'm still working on my armor, but this is my plan after asking lots of people for advice. Also, try to max your Planar Attunement of War as fast as you can to help your survival.

    I'll update as needed as I max out my armor. If you have other thoughts or information, let me know and I'll gladly edit.

    For the Glory of The Gauntlet!
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