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    Kyliee and family Empty Kyliee and family

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    At a Glance

    Character Name: Kyliee

    Gender: Female

    Race: Kelari

    Physical Age: 24

    Ascended?: No

    Ascended from how far in the past?:


    Place of Birth: Kelari Refuge

    Place of Residence: Stonefield, Granite Falls

    Physical Appearance

    Hair Color: Dirty Blone

    Eye Color: Emerald Green

    Skin tone: pale purple

    Height: 5'1

    Weight: 96.5

    Distinguishing Traits: the tattoos under her eyes, her pale complexion, her blonde hair and green eyes

    Wardrobe Preference:

    Weapons of Choice: staff

    Noteworthy Accessories: When she doesn't feel a threat she likes her wedding dress, if she does a quick change beware of danger

    Character Personality

    Alignment: she is a Defiant by birth, but doesn't judge the guardians until they judge her.

    Build: she has a very slender but deadly build about her. You know when she is angry or upset.

    You see a Guardian walking alone down the road...You decide to....see if they start an attack if they do not you leave in peace, if they do defend yourself.

    Profession: Kyliee is a gatherer of many things

    Hobbies: she likes to spend her spare time catching up with friends and spending time with her husband and daughter

    Character Quirks (Optional)

    Personality: Kyliee is very timid until she gets to know someone, she is usually hiding behind Raijiin, Domon, or Ozymadius.

    Motivations: Her family gives her a reason to defend Telara until her last breath, they gave her the reason to live

    Pet Peeves: she really has no pet peeves

    Friends, Family and Allies: she is a friend and ally to all, unless they become her enemy. She has a husband named Domon and a daughter named Anasatia.

    Noteworthy Enemies: none

    Famous Quotes/Sayings:

    Character Backstory:

    She left the Refuge to fight off a Mathosian invasion and protect her family after they forbade her to do so, she was since cast out and doesn't know if they are still alive or have parished. She met Domon soon after joining The Gauntlet and they fell in love at first sight and we engaged the next day. They got married the following day and two weeks later they found out they we having a child. after a long 6 month pregnancy, she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy to be premature, little girl. They named her Anasatia.

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