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    At a Glance

    Character Name: Raijin Flac



    Physical Age:26


    Ascended from how far in the past?:None

    Titles:Old title "Knight Commander". Only known as Raijin now.

    Place of Birth:Sanctum

    Place of Residence:Anywhere he can find a bed now.

    Physical Appearance

    Hair Color:Black

    Eye Color:White

    Skin tone: Lightish darkish?


    Weight:230 (Close to 300 with his armor on.)

    Distinguishing Traits:His beard (AW yeah.)

    Wardrobe Preference:His usual armor. He has to be on his guard for anything. Anytime and anyplace. You will not see him without his armor on. Unless its for a special occasion.

    Weapons of Choice:His Mace.. or mace and shield.

    Noteworthy Accessories:None

    Character Personality

    Alignment:Use to be a Guardian and now is a traitor for life with them. He is now a defiant.

    Build:Fit and tall. Ready for battle.

    You see a Guardian walking alone down the road...You decide to.... ignore them unless they threaten my life.

    Profession:Raijins profession is.. he is the sword for those who cannot wield one. He is the shield for those who need one. He is the light for those who are lost in the darkness. He is a knight for all those who are weak. He will give his life for those he does not know. That is his profession.

    Hobbies:Likes to take walks, sit at the beach remembering about his past. Baking.

    Character Quirks (Optional)

    Personality:Serious using lots of dry humor. Very flirty around women. Opens up to people he knows and trusts. (Loves picking fights.)

    Motivations: Kyliee his sister. And the lost of his 2 daughters.

    Pet Peeves: Orders that are very unfair.

    Friends, Family and Allies: Friends doesn't have many. Family, Kyliee and the woman he will be marrying "Nekatei". Allies, was with the gauntlet.. but now is back.

    Noteworthy Enemies: Ozymadius until further notice.

    Famous Quotes/Sayings: "Take this my love, my anger and all of my sorrows!"

    Character Backstory : Raijin was a well known medical officer in Sanctum for a while. He married his closest friend and had 2 daughters with her. They were married for about 7 years. They had a 5 year old daughter and a new born. One night a group of bahmi raiders went into his house and started a fire within it. He didn't just lose his home that day. Homes are replaceable. They chased him out of his home. Chased him into the woods with his family. They led him and his family into a wolfs den. They surrounded the den. The wolves were asleep at that time.. Until his newborn started crying. The wolves were vicious. He was trying to hold them off as he led his family to a small opening. But there was just to many of them for him to stop. But then.. out of woods arrows started picking the bahmi one by one. It was Ozymadius' daughter (at that time she was known) Knight Commander Zumie. As she finshed killing each bahmi the wolves already got to his family.. There was no chance in saving them. Since none of them were ascended.. He lost not only his home but his whole world. After that whole experience Zumie led him into Meridian branding him as a traitor to the Guardians.

    After the recent passing of Knight Commander Zumie's death. Raijin was requested back at Sanctum to talk about the traitor title on his name and his ban from visiting sanctum. They told him he'd have his rank back.. his job as a medical officer back. Everything would be forgotten. But there was one thing at sanctum they did not have that he wanted. The woman that changed his life. Nekatei, his fiancee. So he respectfully told them he'd live with the traitor title all of his life and the ban on sanctum. He is a defiant for life now. He wishes to gain respect from everyone for being a Mathosian. But trouble arises between him and Ozymadius..

    Post-Ascension History
    That will come at a later time.

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