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    Post  Aydia on Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:48 pm

    The Gauntlet wishes to portray a professional persona on the Faeblight Shard. This applies to raiding as much as it does for PVP and other activities. We expect our Raid environment to be free from drama, tantrums, or other offensive behavior which may decoolify the situation. We are not online to baby sit or deal with over-inflated egos, but to enjoy the company of like minded raiders who want to enjoy efficient successful raid encounters.

    It is normal for raid leaders to give constructive criticism to players who are not performing to their potential. We will attempt to portray this in a positive manner. We also encourage a little friendly competition between top damage dealers who are encouraged to offer friendly advice from time to time. If you have difficulty accepting helpful suggestions from your peers, then perhaps a more casual raid environment may be more your style.

    We welcome input from all players and value their ideas and opinions; after all it is your raid too. During raids however is not the appropriate time or place to share such ideas or opinions unless it is specifically sought out by the Raid Leader. This is to keep raids running in a smooth and orderly fashion. If you disagree with a Raid Leader, please whisper him or contact him after the raid.

    Raid slot confirmation is required no later than 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time. This can be accomplished by sending an in-game message / mail or via PM on the site letting the Raid Leader or Raid Assistant know you will be available for the scheduled event. Failing to confirm your planned attendance may jeopardize your spot unless the raid has remaining openings. Raids require a certain composition of roles & skill, but every effort will be made to ensure that our members fit into a rotation should we have an abundance of raiders available.

    Most raid guilds have a strict no PUG policy, however we believe that participating in such groups can in some cases be highly beneficial. It allows our members to experience new content, possibly obtain new gear, and above all gain valuable experience. We only ask that you be mindful of our scheduled events and give the guild top priority over PUG runs. After all PUG runs are often less than desirable for the most part any way. Please do not PUG progression raids that are scheduled unless you will be unable to attend a guild run for the week. Please let a raid leader know in advance if you will need to pug for the week (Raiders only).

    Raiders must come prepared. It is critical that if you have confirmed attendance for an event that you come prepared with runes in place, buff food, potions, and anything else you need for the scheduled event. Holding up a raid is strongly frowned upon and may result in your spot being filled by another member. If this happens often, you will have bottom priority when filling spots for future events.

    New Encounters are challenging on so many levels. We ask that you familiarize yourself with new encounters by reading forums, watching boss fights or anything else to help prepare you for the event. We have included links to boss fights and strategies in our forums to aid you. It takes time to explain difficult boss fights, which can be greatly reduced if you do research beforehand; we don't expect you to be the expert, but it will greatly increase the chances of success and make the raid a more positive experience for everyone.

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