Raid Loot Distribution (Official Raids)


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    Raid Loot Distribution (Official Raids) Empty Raid Loot Distribution (Official Raids)

    Post  Aydia on Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:53 pm

    Until further notice loot distribution will be based on a modified Suicide Kings System as outlined below:

    1. Roll on main spec upgrades first
    2. Roll on off spec when called for

    The Suicide Kings System will give preference to players who have not yet won something during the raid night. For example if you have won something previously but out roll a raider who has not yet won something, the raider with the lower roll will receive the item since you have already been rewarded.

    Unlike Suicide Kings, this resets each raid night rather than carrying on until everyone on the list has received upgrades and the first person wins by the luck of the dice.

    The loot system resets for the night once everyone in your particular armor / weapon group has won something. Trades are welcome & we encourage players to pass on marginal upgrades if it is a substantial upgrade for another member of the team. If you do trade to another member please let the Loot Master know so that you can be placed back in the rotation for loot.

    The loot system is subject to change as designated by your particular raid leader and will be evaluated often for efficiencies.

    Raid Loot Distribution (Official Raids) AydiaSig

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