Are You Tough Enough?


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    Are You Tough Enough? Empty Are You Tough Enough?

    Post  Aydia on Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:58 pm

    How much Toughness does a Warrior tank really need?

    How much is enough:
    • Normal Dungeons: 0 at most
    • T1 Dungeons: 50 at most
    • T2 Dungeons/Expert Rifts: 100 at most
    • T1 Raids/Raid Rifts: 150 at most

    The math behind Toughness:
    Toughness only negates the Critical Damage Bonus of a monster or boss, and its effectiveness has a maximum (or cap) depending on the Level Content.

    Toughness is linear:
    • 0 (zero) Toughness negates 0% Critical Damage Bonus
    • 50 Toughness negates 100% Critical Damage Bonus
    • 100 Toughness negates 200% Critical Damage Bonus
    • 150 Toughness negates 300% Critical Damage Bonus

    Understanding Mob Damage:
    All monsters and boss (mobs) deal base damage when they critical hit a player – I will call this Normal Critical Hit Damage.

    For each Level Content, a mob will deal its Normal Critical Hit Damage plus Critical Damage Bonus. Below is the break out of Mob Critical Damage Bonuses.

    • Normal dungeons Mobs: 0 Critical Damage Bonus
    • T1 Dungeon Mobs: 100% Critical Damage Bonus
    • T2 Dungeon/Expert Rift Mobs: 200% Critical Damage Bonus
    • T1 Raids/Raid Rift Mobs: 300% Critical Damage Bonus

    Note that the mob’s Critical Damage Bonus increases, but its Normal Critical Hit Damage remains the same.

    What that means:
    Suppose a mob deals 1,000 health damage when it “critical hit” the Tank. This 1,000 is the Normal Critical Hit Damage.

    Break down of crit damage per content based on the above example assuming the tank has no toughness to negate this bonus damage:
    • Normal dungeons Mobs: 1000 + 0 = 1000 damage per crit
    • T1 Dungeon Mobs: 1000 + 100% = 2000 damage per crit
    • T2 Dungeon/Expert Rift Mobs: 1000 + 200% = 3000 damage per crit
    • T1 Raids/Raid Rift Mobs: 1000 + 300% = 4000 damage per crit

    With Proper Toughness levels per Tier the tank can expect the crit damage bonus to be negated. This means that at 150 toughness in a Raid the tank will only sustain the 1000 damage per critical hit.

    Toughness negates 2% per point so if you are short, the following damage will apply in a T1 Raid situation using the example above:
    • 0 Toughness: 4000 damage per crit (full crit bonus applied)
    • 50 Toughness: 3000 damage per crit
    • 100 Toughness: 2000 damage per crit
    • 150 Toughness: 1000 damage per crit (crit bonus totally negated)

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