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    Post  Kismet101 on Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:28 am

    Kimets here:

    Name: Jesse
    Age: 33
    How long have you played rift?: Off and on, maybe 4 months.
    What do you like most?: PVP mainly.
    Dislikes in game: Riftstorm spamming warriors. And the gear-grind. (It seems no MMO can seem to get away from that aspect.)
    pet peeves? Idiots. BIG pet peeve! Razz
    General information about yourself: I live in the southern U.S. Yes, it's hot here.. All the time, it seems. I grew up in K.C. Missouri and am a big Chiefs fan. I'm ex-Army. Served around 8 years in the 101st Airborne and my big hobby now is doing milsim airsoft.

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