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    Post  Admin on Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:18 pm

    There are a number of useful addons to make a raiders life more manageable however there are not any that we specifically REQUIRE raiders to install as long as they are attentive enough not to need them.

    Here is the list in no particular order and a brief description of what they are good for:

    King Boss Mods
    In a nut shell KBM will display key boss mechanics that raiders must be aware of to avoid serious implications. (This is STRONGLY recommended and may become a required mod in the near future depending on how smoothly raids go without making this mandatory.)

    Wire's Raid Killer
    This addon includes event timers, phase display and other hancy progressive raiding alerts/warnings. (This addon is a great companion to KBM or a stand alone).

    This is an amazing warning/alert addon that is fully configurable for whatever it is you are tracking. I personally use this to track missing buffs such as Pillaging Stone, Nedra's Strength etc. I never miss an Opportunity Proc with this addon!

    There are additional addons that greatly improve performance and reactivity such as Gadgets, Target Casting Bar, Voudis Cooldown-Bar etc but I have no personal experience with these. Feel free to comment on your favorite addons in a reply.

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