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    Post  Guest on Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:48 pm

    1)Name - Allen
    2)Age - Closing fast on 50
    3)How long have you played rift? Coming up on 1 year.
    4)What do you like most (examples)pvp, pve etc - Mostly pve (including raiding), but also working some on pvp with a couple toons.
    5)Dislikes in game - Sometimes spawning past a closer graveyard.
    6)pet peeves? - Idiots
    7)General information about yourself( region you live in, likes dislikes in game and out? - Married. 1 kid (turned 13 today). Living in Texas (San Antonio area). I try to keep an open mind until somebody/something proves to me they're not worthy of my time.
    8)Any other things we should know to get to know you! - I currently own and operate my own business (making/selling pens) but may be changing that soon. Attending online college. Other than that, I'll honestly answer pretty much anything, so feel free to ask.

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