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    Post  Ellya on Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:46 pm

    1. Tell us about yourself (unrelated to Rift) so we may get to know you a little better as a person. (Please include age group, gender, or other pertinent info.) I'm a male, 21 year old that is currently enrolled in college for business administration and I am now employed to demonstrate (and sell) household cleaning systems (because this thing isn't just a vacuum) for Kirby.

    2. What spec do you prefer to play? If necessary are you willing to respec to maximize output potential? (Please supply a link to your preferred build) For rogues I love marksman and ranger on the ranged dps mostly because they both hurt a lot and I like to stay out of the fight. I made an attempt at bladedancer and loved it, but the dps was a good 300 lower than my mm or ranger specs.

    3. Why have you choosen your current spec and how long have you played it? Please list your stats in order of importance for your class / spec. I've played the mm spec since I made Ell last year, Ranger and Bladedancer are both pretty new actually.

    4. Lag and low fps can seriously hinder performance. Does your computer handle 20 man content without lagging out or causing dc's during major AOE output? My computer is practically a demigod so yeah it can handle the 20 mans without going too crazy.

    5. We will be raiding Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 7 with a possibility of an additional day for progression. We require a minimum of 80 percent attendance from our raiders. Will you be able to meet this requirement? The only excuse I'd have not to show up is friends, and most of them are working Tuesdays and Thursday nights so it's a silly excuse.

    6. What resources do you use to choose gear, runes, spec, professions, etc. for optimal performance? (List sites, programs, mentors, etc.) Any runes that pump my dps up that I can make.

    7. We REQUIRE raiders to run Ventrilo, & King Boss Mods. What other addons do you use to enhance your skills if any? (No need to list non performance addons like puzzle map, etc.) Check to all.

    8. List previous raid experience and what you liked / disliked about the group you were in. My major raid experience is from pugs and most of them generally go very smoothly because most of the raiders are really well geared.

    9. We REQUIRE our progression raiders to research fights prior to attempting new content. What resources do you use to study new content and how often do you brush up on boss fights etc? I use... the Internets...

    10. Have you reviewed the Raiding Information posts on our site? Mostly skimmed them, but yesish.

    Bonus Question: What is your favorite tv show and why? White Collar because... well just because it's... well just because... (I love it!)

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    Post  Aydia on Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:21 pm

    Ellya is an all around good guy and top notch raider. He showed his stuff in GSB and even kept his cool through a few derps and one annoying pug tank. I look forward to raiding with him in our official runs with our team.

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