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    Crafting by Gothy Empty Crafting by Gothy

    Post  Gothy on Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:55 pm

    So far I can craft the following: contact me in game as Alin.

    Alt Baeshar:
    cuirass of the stalwart ( tank warrior top)
    pauldrons of the stalwart (tank warrior shoulders)
    heavy shield of the stalwart (tank warrior)
    the wall (lvl 50 shield )
    blood forged claymore (2 handed sword, warrior)
    netherforged slicer ( rogue dps dagger?)
    Alt Alinethia:
    blood forged signet (warrior dps ring)
    signet of the broken oath (cleric dps ring)
    eternal sage (cleric seal wisdom +33)
    Flawless saintstones (augment)
    various potions etc
    Alt Alin:
    blazing tough rune (end+dodge +9)
    incandescent calamitous rune (spell crit hit +35)
    incandescent calamitous runeshard (spell crit hit +19)
    incandescent devastating runeshard (phys hit +19)
    Deathbringer (rogue dagger)
    perception (seal dex+25)
    Spiritweave bags
    Tormentors robe (mage set gear)
    Tormentors shoulderpads (mage set gear)
    netherstitched brigadine (rogue tank top, set gear)
    radiant witchweave

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