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    Ellya and Aridios and Ivaline Empty Ellya and Aridios and Ivaline

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    Character Name: Ellya De'Varen/Aridios Airstrider/Ivaline Duskhunter

    Gender: Female/Male/Female

    Race: Eth/Kelari/Kelari

    Physical Age: 28/35/24

    Ascended?: YesYESYES

    Ascended from how far in the past?: Unknown

    Titles: The Summer Flame or Dances with Squirrels(various others)/Cadet/Unknown

    Place of Birth: Meridian/Ember Isle/Freemarch

    Place of Residence: Everywhere/Meridian/Meridian

    Hair Color: Black(currently)/Purplish/Black

    Skin tone: Caucasian/Bluish/Bluish

    Height: All around 5'8"

    Weight: Healthy 145/Muscular 200/Light 125

    Distinguishing Traits: Wears pretty things/Stands like a soldier/Flimsy looking

    Wardrobe Preference: Pretty clothes/Armor with Helm/Chain armor prefers to not wear helm

    Weapons of Choice: Swords and Daggers/Two-Handers or Two Weapons/Staves and Hammers Magic!

    Noteworthy Accessories:

    Alignment: True Neutral/Lawful Neutral/Neutral Good

    Build: Healthy and Sexy/Built like a soldier/Light skinny

    You see a Guardian walking alone down the road...You decide to....
    Smile and wave then stick out tongue and keep going/If willing challenge to duel and end him honorably/Retreat if possible

    Profession: Roamer and Huntress of Planar beings, Outfitter and Runecrafter/Mercenary and weapon and armorsmith/ Healer

    Hobbies: Travel and Exploration/Training/Helping others

    Personality: Freespirited, carefree, won't take responsibility for others/Strict, Regimented, Professional, brief/Quiet, Polite, Selfless

    Motivations: Whatever she feels like/Continuing work as a soldier/for the better good

    Pet Peeves: Being told what to do, Lack of free will/Foolishness and plain stupidity/Selfish acts for the sake of selfishness

    Friends, Family and Allies: Knows other two as they were all in a mercenary group together, their viewpoints of each other are very different.

    Noteworthy Enemies:

    Famous Quotes/Sayings: Last time I got drunk somebody ended up dying... I didn't do the killing though/Sir/(N/A)

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