Resistance, Stats, & Enhancements


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    Resistance, Stats, & Enhancements

    Post  Aydia on Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:42 pm

    How much is enough?

    T1 minimum raid requirements:
    Toughness/Focus/Hit - 200

    Source Engine - Expanded Source Engine

    Recommended Consumables - Role Specific buff food, Health/Mana Pots for emergency use

    T2 minimum raid requirements:
    Toughness/Focus/Hit - 300

    Source Engine - Flawless Source Machine

    Recommended buff food - Gravemaker Steak, Icewatch Cupcake, Drake Filet or Feasts

    Recommended Pots - Mighty/Glorified Healing Potion, Mighty/Glorified Healing Potion or comparable Tonics

    Recommended Vials - Heroic Brightsurge Vial (Healer/Casters), Heroic Powersurge Vial (Melee/Ranged), Heroic Fortified/Enduring Vial (Tanks)

    HK Resistance - 100 to 150 (for low hp raiders) Death and Water prefer 160+ for Akylios

    RotP Resistance - 110+ Fire Resistance is doable

    * Tanks use best mitigation source for best results

    ** Resistance Vials provide up to 40 resistance but count as both a fortification and assault serum

    T3 minimum raid requirements:
    Toughness - 260+
    Focus/Hit - 400+

    ID Resistance - 130+ Fire and Earth unbuffed without a resistance vial (must get 20 from sigil)

    PF Resistance - 110+ Life Resist unbuffed without a resistance vial

    * All T2 consumable and other recommendations apply unless specifically listed


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