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    HK - Murdantix (thanks to egg) Empty HK - Murdantix (thanks to egg)

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    Boss Stats:
    9.4 million health
    10 minute Enrage Timer
    Physical / Melee Damage

    Encounter Warnings:
    Has Cleave
    Has AoE
    Requires Interrupts

    Suggested Raid Makeup:
    2 Tanks
    11 DPS
    5 Heals
    2 Support

    Murdantix is the first boss encountered in Hammerknell. The fight is a DPS race and serves as a gear check for the instance.

    Brief synopsis
    Mangling Crush – Alternate tanks after every 4 stacks of Mangled debuff
    Demonic Tar – Stay out of ground effects, kite Murdantix away from ground effects
    Demonic Blast – Must have 7 ranged players who remain spread out
    Soul Trauma – Must be interrupted

    Abilities &/or Adds:
    Strength of Souls – Increases Murdantix’ physical damage over time (soft enrage timer)
    Mangling Crush – Frontal cone cleave which leaves a stacking Mangled debuff, reducing armor and toughness
    Ferocious Pound – Wide-area knockback, deals 3k physical damage
    Demonic Tar – AoE ground effect (purple circle)
    Demonic Blast – Deals 3k death damage in an AoE effect around a random ranged target
    Soul Trauma – Immediately kills a targeted player, cast must be interrupted

    Murdantix has a large aggro radius so do not move past the stairs prior to the pull.

    It is very important to have 7 ranged players (including healers) for the duration of the fight. These ranged players must stay spread out and be careful not to get too close to one another while dodging the ground effects and getting within range of Murdantix. It may be helpful to mark the ranged players. If any of the ranged players dies during the fight, they should be replaced with melee players who are able to go ranged.

    Strength of Souls is a stacking buff that will increase Murdantix’s physical damage over time. A stack is gained every time a nearby target dies, including the NPC dwarves that periodically come to assist you. The buff acts as a soft enrage timer; too many stacks will make the damage too difficult to handle. More than 60 stacks of this buff means your raid either has too many player deaths or not enough DPS.

    As Murdantix goes through the various phases, he will gain new abilities while continuing to cast the old abilities.

    Phase 1 – 100% to 76% health

    The first tank starts by picking up Murdantix and tanking him at the rear of the room, facing the wall. Melee should be located behind Murdantix and ranged should spread out in the middle of the room. Murdantix will cast Mangling Crush, a frontal cone cleave which leaves a stacking Mangled debuff, reducing the armor and toughness of anyone in the cone. Alternate tanks after every four stacks of the Mangled debuff.

    Periodically, Murdantix will cast Ferocious Pound, a wide-area knockback that deals 3k damage. Players should return to their positions as soon as possible after the knockback.

    Phase 2 – 75% to 51% health

    At 75%, the tank will begin kiting Murdantix in a large circle around the room. Melee players should be careful to remain behind the boss as the kiting begins to avoid the Mangling Crush cleave.

    The boss will begin casting Demonic Tar, which puts an AoE ground effect (purple circle) on an individual player. All players must avoid these ground effects. If they are on melee players or the tank, the tank needs to kite the boss out of the effects. If they are on ranged players, the ranged players must move without getting too close to other ranged players. As the fight goes on, the number of the effects will increase. Melee players should position themselves between Murdantix’ side and the wall so that knockbacks do not push them back into the Demonic Tar effects.

    Murdantix will also begin casting Demonic Blast, an AoE effect cast on a ranged target, which deals 3k death damage. It will hit the targeted player as well as any players nearby. If 2 ranged players are near each other when it hits, both will receive double-damage and end up dying. Less than 7 ranged players (i.e. eligible targets) will cause it to be cast on melee players and cause a raid wipe. After a knockback, the melee players should move back to position as soon as possible to avoid being hit by this blast.

    Phase 3 – 50% to 26% health

    Starting at 50%, Murdantix will begin casting Soul Trauma, which immediately kills a targeted player; this skill must be interupted. At least 2 players with interrupts should be assigned to this duty to be sure it is interrupted every time. The knockback effect may precede Soul Trauma, so it is important for interrupters to get within range of Murdantix as soon as possible.

    Phase 4 – 25% health on

    Murdantix will begin summoning Soul Tormentor adds. These adds do not need to be DPSed, but the tank who is not currently on the boss should pick them up. Soul Tormentors only do about 300 damage per hit, but they may interfere with your healers if allowed to roam free.

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