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    HK - Matron Zamira (thanks to egg) Empty HK - Matron Zamira (thanks to egg)

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    Boss Stats:
    9.8 million health
    Ranged / death damage

    Encounter Warnings:
    Has AoE
    Requires Interrupts

    Suggested Raid Makeup:
    3 Tanks
    11 DPS
    4 Heals
    2 Support

    Matron Zamira is the first boss in the eastern wing of Hammerknell. Communication and raid execution are important, but so is DPS if you want to avoid some of her trickier mechanics.

    Brief synopsis:
    Corrupt Gestation – About every 25 stacks, click a Tome to erase stacks
    Matron’s Curse – Alternate tanks every 2-3 stacks
    Dark Concussion – Stay spread out and move out of purple rings
    Hideous Blast – Must be interrupted or reflected
    Revolting Ichor – Do not reflect
    Mark of Oblivion – Must interrupt Nightmare Spirit cast of Arc of Night

    Abilities &/or Adds:
    Corrupt Gestation – Stacking buff on Zamira which increases the damage she deals, gains a stack about every 5 seconds
    Matron’s Curse – Stacking debuff on the tank which increases damage taken by 5% and reduces healing received by 10%
    Dark Concussion – Cast every 15 seconds under a random player causing an explosion, deals approximately 2k damage and a knock back (purple rings on ground, damage scales with Corrupt Gestation)
    Hideous Blast – Deals massive death damage and casts a debuff on the tank which increases damage taken by 3%, interruptible and reflectable
    Revolting Ichor – Deals massive damage to the tank, can one-shot the tank if stacks of Corrupt Gestation are high
    Mark of Oblivion – Applies a 6-second slowing debuff to a random raid member, after which a Nightmare Spirit will spawn
    Host of Oblivion – Applies the Mark of Oblivion to the entire raid, dispellable, but should be stopped using the Skulls
    Shadow Barrage – 5k damage per second on the tank if out of melee range of Zamira

    Spawned Adds:
    Child of Night (30k HP) – Spawn in a group on main floor after using a Tome of the Library, number will equal stacks removed by the Tome
    Nightmare Spirit (111k HP) – Casts Arc of the Night, interruptible heal on Zamira, and Grip of Shadow, a dispellable snare on a random raid member
    Scowling Shade (27k HP) – Spawns 3 on upper floor after using each Tome of the Library, deals approximately 1.5k damage per hit

    Spawned Items:
    Bottom Floor Tablets (2 second channel to activate) – Activates the teleporter on the main floor to transport a player to the top floor, where Tomes and Skulls are used
    Tome of the Library (2 second channel to activate, 10 second channel) – Removes the Corrupt Gestation stacks from Zamira, but spawns Child of the Night adds equal to the number of stacks removed, Tomes do not respawn after use
    Skull – Stops Host of Oblivion cast, spawns in place of Tomes when they are used

    The fight takes place in the Library of the Runemasters, which has a bottom floor (outer ring), main floor (platform with the boss and outer ring with teleports) and a top floor (outer ring).

    During the fight, approximately every 5 seconds Matron Zamira will gain a stacking buff of Corrupt Gestation, which increases her outgoing damage and serves as a soft enrage mechanic. It is critical to manage the number of stacks as well as the different adds that spawn.

    You will need 1 raid member, a rogue with either a kiting spec or a 51 Sin/15 NB sapping spec, or a player who will be able to solo the top floor adds and keep themselves healed, to remain on the top floor during most of the fight. Before Zamira reaches 15 stacks, one of the healers should take the steps down to the bottom floor, during which time they will take 1.6k damage per second. They should click on one of the Bottom Floor Tablets located in the NE, NW, SW and SW corners. After a 2 second channel, the teleporter above the tablet will light up and the rogue can use it to gain access to the top floor. At this point the healer can return to the main floor.

    Phase 1 – 100% to 40% health

    The first tank takes Matron Zamira where she stands in the middle of the main floor platform. The rest of the raid should spread out as much as possible on the platform. Zamira will begin apply a stacking debuff on the tank called Matron’s Curse which increases damage taken by 5% and reduces healing received by 10%. Tanks will need to swap every 2-3 stacks.

    Every 15 seconds, the boss will cast Dark Concussion which places purple rings under a random player which will explode, deal approximately 2k damage (increased by the number of Corrupt Gestation stacks) and cause a knockback (similar to Infiltrator Johlen’s concussive bombs). When Zamira has over 18 stacks, this ability is often deadly, so when it is cast melee need to run about 10-15 m away from the boss, wait for the explosion, and then return to position.

    Periodically, Zamira will emote and cast Mark of Oblivion on a random player. It is a 6-second slowing debuff, after which a Nightmare Spirit spawns. The adds tank should pick up this Spirit and bring them over to Zamira to be AoE’d down. An interrupter needs to be assigned to interrupt the Spirit’s Arc of Night, which will otherwise heal Zamira. You will also need a backup interrupter in case there are 2 Nightmare Spirits up simultaneously. The Spirit will also cast Grip of Shadows, a snare on a random raid member which must be cleansed so they are not hit with Dark Concussion.

    Each time the boss reaches 25-27 stacks of Corrupt Gestation (approximately every 25%), notify the rogue on the top floor to click on one of the Tomes of Library (located at the N, S, E and W corners). A gold beam will be channeled toward the boss for a second or two, erasing the stacks of Corrupt Gestation, and spawning an equivalent number of Child of the Night adds in a radius around the boss on the main floor. At this point, all the tanks should spam their AoE taunts and AoE threat-generating abilities, while the healers use their cooldowns on the tanks, and the DPS begins AoE damage. The adds should be killed within 10 seconds, including the 1-2 Nightmare Spirits.

    In addition, one Scowling Shade add will spawn on the top floor at every table where a Tome is/was (besides the one just used). The rogue should either kite and kill each spirit, or stealth around and sap/incapacitate them as necessary (if 3 are up, stun/blind then slipaway), depending on the spec used.

    Phase 2 – 40% health on

    Starting at about 40%, Zamira will cast Hideous Blast which deals massive death damage and casts a debuff on the tank which increases damage taken by 3%. This skill needs to either be interrupted or reflected back onto the boss. During this phase Zamira will also cast Revolting Ichor, also dealing massive damage to the tank, but this skill cannot be interrupted and if reflected will actually heal the boss for about 1 million HP. Revolting Ichor may be cast directly after Hideous Blast, so if you are interrupting/reflecting Blast, be sure no one else is interrupting/reflecting who might accidentally cause a heal. Also be sure that all members take interrupts out of their macros or regular rotations.

    Phase 3 – After the 4th Tome

    If you have enough raid DPS and manage your stacks well, you should be able to kill Zamira with three Tomes. If you use all four Tomes, they will not respawn. At this point, Zamira will start casting Host of Oblivion, similar to Mark of Oblivion but cast on the entire raid, about every 30 seconds. It is possible to stop this cast using the Skulls which spawn where the Tomes were, however, all 4 Skulls must be used simultaneously, meaning 4 people must be ported to the top floor for each cast.

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