HK - Vladmal Prime (thanks to egg)


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    HK - Vladmal Prime (thanks to egg) Empty HK - Vladmal Prime (thanks to egg)

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    Boss Stats:
    6.8 million health
    11 minute enrage Timer
    Physical Melee damage

    Encounter Warnings:
    Has Cleave
    Requires Interrupts

    Suggested Raid Makeup:
    3 Tanks
    10 DPS
    5 Heals
    2 Support

    Vladmal Prime is a mini-boss between Soulrender Zilas and Grugronim. Like the Zilas fight, managing the adds is the key to the fight.

    Brief Synopsis:
    Boundless Delver – Tank away from raid
    Boundless Excavator – Keep slowed
    Boundless Tunneler – Transmogrify

    Abilities &/or Adds:
    Boundless Minions – Causes the adds to become immune to crowd control for 5 seconds
    Ancient Flames – Cast on 3 players, deals 1k damage to players near the affected players
    Soot Cloud – Buff on Vladmal Prime which reduces damage from ranged and spell attacks
    Asphyxiating Strike - Fears nearby players

    Spawned Adds:
    Boundless Delver (126k HP)– Causes nearby players to receive more damage from the boss, also throws spears for about 1.5k damage at random players
    Boundless Excavator (658k HP) – Deals major melee damage (no cleave), takes damage when snared
    Boundless Tunneler (252k HP) – Unstable, must be transmogrified, after which they explode in a 5 meter radius for approx 80% of players’ health

    Vladmal Prime’s aggro range is very large, and he moves quickly, so be careful not to aggro the boss accidentally.

    Phase 1 – 100% to 61% health

    To begin, the main tank takes Vladmal Prime and returns him to his original place, facing away from the raid. The raid should spread out around the boss, leaving room for the adds on either side.

    Soon after the fight begins, a Boundless Tunneler spawns. Have a mage at the top of the ramp ready to transmogrify it as soon as possible. When the transmogrification ends, the Tunneler will explode in a 5 meter radius damaging for 80% of players’ health.

    Next, a Boundless Delver will spawn. The second tank should take the Delvers on the left side of the room. Having 2 Senticars on the Delvers will allow them to provide massive AoE healing to counteract the Delver’s buff which increases damage taken from the boss. Another DPS can be added, but more than that risks more players having spears thrown at them randomly.

    After the Delver, an Excavator will spawn. The third tank should kite them or tank them while a dedicated player slows them, so they will take damage. Their health is too high for DPS to swap over to them due to the enrage timer. If they are slowed, they will die over time and can be kited anywhere on the platform since they have no cleave.

    The rate of the adds spawning will increase over the duration of the fight. At any time you may have 1-3 Excavators and 1-4 Delvers active. More than that means either the DPS or the kiting/slowing is off.

    The boss will also cast Ancient Flames, a debuff on 3 random targets causing nearby players to receive 1k damage per second. This is the reason the raid should remain spread out, and if it lands on the melee, they need to move away until it is over.

    Vladmal Prime will periodically gain Soot Cloud, a 10-second buff that reduces his damage taken from spells and ranged attacks.

    When he casts Asphyxiating Strike, nearby players are feared, so melee will need to move away or risk being feared into his cleave. The main tank may need to reposition him a couple times.

    Phase 2 – 60% health on

    Starting at 60%, Vladmal Prime will start casting Boundless Minions, which causes all the adds to be immune to crowd control for 5 seconds; It will be signaled by an emote “Vladmal Prime prepares to free all of his minions”. During this time, the Delvers cause nearby players to take increased damage from the boss, the Excavators cannot be slowed, and the Tunnelers cannot be transmogrified. For this reason it is important to leave space between the raid and the adds. The tank who is kiting will have to watch out for any Tunnelers as well as make sure his lead from the Excavators is large enough until they can be slowed again.

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