HK - King Molinar & Prince Dollin (thanks to egg)


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    HK - King Molinar & Prince Dollin (thanks to egg) Empty HK - King Molinar & Prince Dollin (thanks to egg)

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    Boss Stats:
    Health (See below)
    10 minute Enrage Timer
    Multiple death damage

    Encounter Warnings
    Has Cleave
    Has AoE
    Requires Interrupts
    Requires Cleansing

    Suggested Raid Makeup:
    2 Tanks
    11 DPS
    5 Heals
    2 Support

    Rune King Molinar and Prince Dollin each have their own separate mechanics, so managing the two of them and keeping up the necessary DPS will be crucial for success.

    Brief Synopsis:
    Rune King Molinar
    Frightening Shout – Must be interrupted, except immediately after Revenant dies
    Cursed Blows – Everyone must move out and tank must kite boss
    Runic Feedback – DPS must stop (except as needed to heal)
    Consuming Essence – Must be interrupted

    Prince Dollin
    Foul Blasphemy – No melee on this boss
    Terminate Life – Must be reflected
    Consuming Essence –Must be interrupted
    Runic Feedback – DPS must stop (except as needed to heal)

    Spawned Adds
    Incorporeal Revenant – Must be killed before becoming active
    Forgotten Steward – Need to be brought down to 25% by a dedicated DPS group

    Abilities &/or Adds:
    Rune King Molinar (5.1 million HP)
    Frightening Shout – AoE fear that targets 10 random players, spawns a red pulsing crystal allowing you to see Forgotten Steward adds, can be interrupted (see strategy)
    Runic Strike – Heavy single-target damage to the tank
    Cursed Blows – Whirlwind attack that deals 2-3k damage within 10 meters, about 1k further out, if too close to the initial cast places a stacking debuff that increases damage from Cursed Blows
    Runic Draining – AoE explosion which deals a knockback and drains mana
    Runic Feedback – 5 second debuff on the bosses and adds, if attacked deals a DoT that does about 1.6k damage per second over 4-5 seconds
    Consuming Essence – Instantly kills the targeted player, 1.5 second cast which must be interrupted

    Prince Dollin (3.5 million HP)
    Cursed Flames – Ground AoE spawned on a random player that expands from 2 meter to 10 meter radius dealing 2k damage per second (purple circles on the floor)
    Foul Blasphemy – Constant 5 meter pulse around Dollin that deals 3k damage per second
    Terminate Life – Instantly kills tank, can be reflected back to Dollin for 35k damage
    Consuming Essence – Instantly kills the targeted player, 1.5 second cast which must be interrupted
    Runic Feedback – 5 second debuff on the bosses and adds, if attacked deals a DoT that does about 1.6k damage per second over 4-5 seconds
    Forked Blast – Channeled onto a random player for 1 second, shortly after deals a knockback and 1.5-1.7k damage to anyone in a 5 meter radius of the player

    Spawned Adds:
    Incorporeal Revenant (152k HP) – Phases into Reality (20-25 second cast) before it becomes active and resets its HP, upon death spawns extra purple squares, each one giving a stack of the Runic Vengeance buff to the bosses which deals 8% more damage
    Forgotten Steward (86k HP) – Have an Honor’s Sting buff which reflects 500 damage back to the attacker for each ability used, at 25% health casts Honor’s Reward which despawns purple squares in a 20 meter radius of the Steward

    Control is important in this fight because it is necessary to keep Rune King Molinar and Prince Dollin within 7% of their respective health percentages. If the gap between them grows larger, 3 random players will be instantly killed at a time until the raid wipes.

    In addition, Prince Dollin has an anti-melee mechanic so any melee players will need to be grouped with King Molinar and the ranged players on Prince Dollin. Since Prince Dollin has comparatively lower health, having more melee than ranged is desirable. Due to the layout of the fight, ranged and melee players will be fairly close together so healers should be within range of both. They only need to worry about LoS due to the pillars in the room.

    The melee group should include the tank for King Molinar plus about 6 melee and/or ranged DPS. The ranged group will need to include a mage tank (with reflect) and about 5 ranged DPS.

    Phase 1 – 100% to 91% health

    To begin the fight, the first tank should take King Molinar about 20 meters in front of his starting position, while the mage tank builds threat on Prince Dollin at his original location. All DPS should wait several seconds for the tanks to gain threat and get in position before using all cooldowns to maximize DPS.

    From the start, King Molinar has two abilities to be aware of: Frightening Shout, an AoE fear on about 10 players which needs to be interrupted or dispelled from the affected players, and Runic Strike, a heavy single-target blow to the tank for about 4.5k damage. Prince Dollin has Foul Blasphemy, a constant 5 meter pulse around the boss which deals 3k damage per second (the anti-melee mechanic) and Cursed Flames, a ground AoE spawned on a random player that expands from 2 meter to 10 meter radius dealing 2k damage per second (purple circles on the floor).

    It is desirable to get the bosses down to 90% before the first add spawns, so that DPS on the add will naturally occur when the boss is not able to be DPSed due to new abilities.

    Phase 2 – 90% to 66% health

    Starting at 90%, both bosses will add new abilities to their rotation. King Molinar will cast Cursed Blows, a heavy whirlwind attack that lasts 8 seconds and deals more damage to those closest (about 2-3k damage per second within 10 meters, 1k damage per second beyond 10 meters). In addition, anyone too close during the initial cast will gain a debuff that increases the damage of all Cursed Blows, basically guaranteeing death. This ability is cast every every 45-55 seconds and cannot be line of sighted. It will be signaled by the emote “Rune King Molinar demolishes all in his path”. As soon as the cast starts, melee must move out of range while the tank kites King Molinar in a specific path and healers put out AoE healing.

    While the ranged group works on Prince Dollin, they should be careful to position themselves away during King’s Cursed Blows cast. In the meantime, Prince Dollin also gains an ability called Terminate Life which instantly kills the targeted player if not reflected. This will be cast about every 21 seconds, and the mage tank should be responsible for reflecting the damage back to the boss (about 35k damage). The boss will move forward on his own periodically and so the mage tank should kite him in a specific path

    If raid DPS is sufficient, the first add should spawn as Cursed Blows is being cast. Forty seconds after the start of the fight, an Incorporeal Revenant will spawn and begin his Phase Into Reality cast. There is an emote to signal add spawning, but it actually spawns several seconds earlier. All DPS should immediately attack the Revenant as the raid has 20-25 seconds before the add becomes active and starts hitting targets for about 5k damage. The add does not have a threat table so it can be dragged away from Cursed Flames or over to the Prince to be AoE’d down. It is also susceptible to Sergeant’s Order and knockbacks. After the first Incorporeal Revenant, they will spawn about once every minute.

    After the Revenant dies, a Runic Vengeance (square on the floor with glowing bluish-purple waves) will spawn. There are normally 3 of these squares at the front of the room and 3 at the back, with 9 spots where extra squares can spawn. Player should avoid standing in any of these squares as they deal significant DoT (over 1k damage per second). Each time one of these extra squares is active, the bosses gain a buff dealing an extra 8% damage per stack. You can remove the buff by destroying the extra squares in the room. To do this, after the Revenant dies, let the next Frightening Shout be cast (do not interrupt it, and let AoE cleansers know). When the cast completes, a pulsing red crystal will appear next to the boss.

    A group of 3-4 melee DPS (usually warriors) should stand near the crystal to gain a buff which allows them to see the invisible Forgotten Steward add for 40 seconds. The Steward spawns close to where the Revenant dies. This add has a buff called Honor’s Sting which reflects back 500 damage for any ability used against it. The DPS who has aggro on the Steward should drag him to the edge of the extra purple square. Then this small melee DPS group needs to bring the Steward down to 25% health within 40 seconds, at which point the add will cast Honor’s Reward, which despawns all purple squares in a 20 meter radius. It is important to keep up with the purple squares or the raid will eventually wipe.

    Phase 3 – 65% to 41% health

    Starting at 65%, King Molinar will also cast Runic Draining, an AoE explosion that deals a knockback and drains mana from anyone hit. Prince Dollin will also begin casting Consuming Essence, which instantly kills the targeted player (the mage tank). This 1.5 second cast must always be interrupted by one of the ranged group, and will be cast about every 23 seconds. It will be signaled by an emote “Prince Dollin channels a torrent of power”.

    Phase 4 – 40% health on

    At this point, King Molinar will gain his own Consuming Essence (which will need to be interrupted by a player in the melee group). Prince Dollin will begin casting Forked Blast which targets a random player for a 1 second channel, shortly after deals a knockback and 1.5-1.7k damage to anyone in a 5 meter radius of that player.

    In addition, there will be a Runic Feedback ability which places a 5 second buff on both bosses and any adds that are up. Attacking any of them during this buff will place a 4-5 second DoT on the player, dealing 1.6k damage per second. All DPS should stop during this buff, except healers who need to DPS to heal. If an Incorporeal Revenant is up during this time, the raid leader will need to decide whether to wait til Runic Feedback is finished, or finish off the add and heal through the damage.

    In this phase, interrupt all Frightening Shout casts and ignore the Forgotten Stewards. Due to the enrage timer, all DPS will need to be focused on the bosses, and healers will need compensate for the Runic Vengeance buff (usually 1 stack from 40%-30%, 2 stacks from 30%-20%, 3 stacks during 20%-10%, and 4 stacks during the final ten percent).

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