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    HK - Grugonim (thanks to egg) Empty HK - Grugonim (thanks to egg)

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    Boss Stats:
    13.3 million health
    13 minute Enrage Timer
    Melee death damge

    Suggested Raid Makeup:
    2-3 Tanks
    11-12 DPS
    4 Heals
    2 Support

    The Grugonim fight is very movement-intensive and requires the raid to move together in concert.

    Brief Synopsis:
    Necrotic Breath – Debuff on tank, alternate tanks for Above-Ground Phases
    Rampant Decay – Immediately move through the boss to the other side
    Seismic Disruption – Make sure everyone is at full health
    Corrosive Bile – Wait for the end of the cast and strafe in the direction the boss is facing

    Abilities &/or Adds:
    Necrotic Breath – Frontal attack that leaves a debuff reducing maximum health by 10% per stack
    Rampant Decay – Launches a deadly acid pool at a random player’s initial location (2 second cast)
    Seismic Disruption – Deals about 4k death damage and a knockback
    Corrosive Bile – Launches a deadly acid pool at a random player’s final location (2 second cast)

    Spawned Adds:
    Bloodplague Crawlers (15k HP each) – Spawn about a dozen at a time, when killed grant a stacking buff increasing damage done by 1% per stack
    Manifested Death idols (109k HP each) – Spawn 3 at a time, slowly reduces maximum health of raid and does AoE damage

    When you reach the platform, Grugonim is burrowed underground. Although he has a wide aggro radius, be sure everyone is on the platform before the pull or they will die.

    The main tank starts by taking Grugonim in the center, facing away from the ramp. He does a frontal breath attack as well as a tail swipe, so the raid should be positioned at his side, stacked tightly together (you may want to mark one person for the rest to stack on).

    The fight will consist of three phases, alternating between Above-Ground Phases (about 55 seconds) and Burrowed Phases (about 15 seconds), with two Death Idol Phases (at 50% and 10%).

    Above-Ground Phases

    During the Above-Ground Phases, Grogonim performs a frontal attack called Necrotic Breath which leaves a debuff reducing the tank’s maximum health by 10% per stack. He will cast it every 15 seconds (3 times per Above-Ground Phase) with a 2-second warning and a 6-second channel. Rotate tanks for each new Above-Ground Phase so the stacks can reset.

    After the first Necrotic Breath, Grugonim will cast Rampant Decay. At the start of this 2-second cast, the boss selects the initial location of a random raid member and launches a pool of deadly acid to that spot. As soon as the cast begins, everyone but the current tank must immediately move through the boss to the other side. It is important not to move before the cast begins, or to wait until it finishes.

    During each Above-Ground Phase, Grugonim will spawn about a dozen Bloodplague Crawler ants (the 1st wave spawns after the 2nd Necrotic Breath). When killed, they grant a buff increasing damage dealt by 1% per stack. They can accumulate up to 100 stacks for a duration of 30 seconds. The buff has a very small radius, so it is important for everyone to remain tightly stacked. The adds should be picked up by the tank who last tanked the boss and AoE’d down. The adds will despawn if not killed within about a minute, but you should have time to hold the first group until after the Burrowed Phase, in order not to waste any of the buff time.

    The last spell he will cast during the Above-Ground Phases is Seismic Disruption (after the 3rd Necrotic Breath). This spell deals about 4k death damage and a knockback relative to Grugonim’s position. Healers should make sure everyone (but the tanks) are at full health before it hits. Immediately after the Burrowed Phase begins.

    Burrowed Phases

    During the Burrowed Phases, Grugonim will select a random target, pause and then move toward their position at the time they were targeted. After reaching that location, then selects a new target to repeat the process. If anyone makes contact with him during this time, or makes contact with the trail of purple death energy he leaves behind, they will instantly die. It is imperative that everyone keeps Grugonim targeted during this phase in order to see his location (large red circle). The raid should slowly move away from him, while staying together, because if any players get too far ahead, the boss will charge them, killing most of the raid in the process. Grugonim does move faster than players while he is underground, however, the pause he makes after selecting each target gives enough leeway for the raid to kite him.

    Death Idol Phases

    At 50%, Grugonim becomes immune and 3 Manifested Death idols will spawn around the platform. These idols slowly reduce the maximum health of the raid, while pulsing AoE damage. Simply move as a group and down the idols one at a time. AoE healing will be important during this period. While the idols are up, the boss will appear to perform his breath attack, but it is actually safe to walk in front of him. However, it is still necessary to avoid any ground effects left over from previous phases. When all 3 idols are down, the boss becomes active again.

    At this point, Grugonim will begin a new Above-Ground Phase which now includes Corrosive Bile. This skill is similar to Rampant Decay in that a pool of deadly acid is launched, however this time the location is the target’s position when the cast is finished, rather than when it begins. The raid should wait for the end of the 2-second cast and then strafe in the direction the boss is facing, while the tank backs up with the boss.

    It will now be random whether Grugonim casts Rampant Decay or Corrosive Bile after the first and second Necrotic Breaths, so it is critical that your raid watch carefully and move accordingly.
    Rampant Decay – Move immediately through the boss to the other side
    Corrosive Bile – Wait for end of cast and strafe in the direction the boss is facing

    At 10%, there will be another Death Idol Phase but this time with 6 Manifested Death idols. They should be treated the same as before, and when all have been downed, Grugonim will become active again. If the raid takes longer than 55 seconds to get the kill, when the third Necrotic Breath is cast, everyone but the tanks should back out 30+ meters in order to avoid being killed with their reduced health by Seismic Disruption.

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