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    HK - Lord Jornaru & Akylios (thanks to egg) Empty HK - Lord Jornaru & Akylios (thanks to egg)

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    Boss Stats:
    14.4 million health
    20 minute Enrage Timer
    Ranged water damage

    Encounter Warnings:
    Has AoE
    Requires Interrupts
    Requires Cleansing

    Suggested Raid Makeup:
    3 Tanks
    9-11 DPS
    4-6 Heals
    2 Support

    Lord Jornaru and Akylios is the final and most challenging encounter in Hammerknell Fortress. It is a long fight requiring water resistance and lots of patience.

    Brief Synopsis:
    Tidal Waves – Dodge the waves
    Breath of Madness – Dodge the breath attack
    Mind Decay – Affected players must stack on the melee in order to remove the debuff

    Spawned Adds
    Lord Jornaru (5.7m HP) – When he casts Orb of Suffocation, the targeted player needs to stack with the melee DPS
    Apostle of Jornaru (910k HP) – Casts Tidal Storm which must be interrupted
    Mana Pinchers (68k HP) –Apply Mana Pinch to mana-based players, which must be cleansed
    Lasher of Akylios (330k HP) – Tank must stay in melee range
    Stinger of Akylios (90k HP) – Can only be attacked from range

    Abilities &/or Adds:
    Tidal Waves – Waves that wash over the edges of the platforms and kill players who don’t find the gaps to dodge the waves
    Breath of Madness – Watery breath attack on a third of the platform
    Gaze of Akylios – Channeled beam on 4 random players which deals splash damage around them
    Mind Decay – A 10 second debuff dealing about 2k damage per tick, applied to 3 random players who must stack in order to remove the debuff
    Cerebral Bore – Channeled onto a random player and an expanding ring forms around them, dealing about 800 water damage to all players in the ring

    Spawned Adds:
    Lord Jornaru (5.7m HP) – Summons adds, casts Orb of Suffocation, a meteor-type ability which silences the target and anyone nearby for 4 seconds and deals significant damage
    Apostle of Jornaru (910k HP) – Buffs other adds to reduce their damage taken by 75%, casts Tidal Storm which must be interrupted
    Abyssal Deepclaws (236k HP) – Spawn 2 at a time, when they die they debuff nearby Apostles to take 100% extra damage
    Mana Pinchers (68k HP) – Spawn 4 at a time, charge players and apply Mana Pinch to mana-based players, a curse which stuns the target and drains mana, must be cleansed
    Lasher of Akylios (330k HP) – Gain a stacking buff increasing their damage dealt, casts Cleaving Spray, a 4k AoE damage, if their current target is out of melee range
    Stinger of Akylios (90k HP) – Can only be attacked from range, casts Abyssal Torrent, a single-target channel dealing 1.5k damage per tick to the target, and Flooding Tide, an AoE cast on a random player’s location dealing 2k damage in a 15-20 meter radius

    All raid members should max out their water resistance for this fight. This includes a dedicated water resistance source engine, water resistance runes on shoulders and chest, and a water resistance vial (except for the tanks who can use endurance vials).

    It may be helpful to use an add-on or parser which allows you to set up timers for this fight.

    Phase 1

    Lord Jornaru is kneeling at the end of the dock when you enter the room. A player should approach him to trigger the start of the event, but back away so that when Jornaru becomes active, the tank can pick him up.

    The tank should position him on the dock, just north of the barrier. Six ranged players should position themselves at the southern end of the dock, with the remaining melee and ranged players on top of Jornaru. All DPS should attack Jornaru and take care not to cast AoE’s as adds are spawning at the sides.

    Shortly after the fight begins, Jornaru will cast Summon Adds. One Apostle of Jornaru, 2 Abyssal Deepclaws and 4 Mana Pinchers will spawn from the eastern and western sides of the dock. Each of the 2 remaining tanks should be assigned to a side and to pick up the adds there, but if one side has no adds, that tank should move to the other side and assist the other tank. Ideally each tank would keep aggro on 2 Deepclaws and 1 Apostle while taunting loose Mana Pinchers.

    Apostles buff the other adds to reduce their damage taken by 75%. They also cast Tidal Storm which must be interrupted (or else several players will die), so assign a dedicated interrupter to each active Apostle. When Abyssal Deepclaws die, they debuff nearby Apostles to take 100% extra damage. Mana Pinchers charge players, and apply a Mana Pinch curse to appropriate targets, which stuns the player and drains their mana, and must be cleansed.

    All of these adds should be tanked on top of Jornaru, with 3-4 DPS AoEing down the group and the rest of the DPS doing single-target damage to Jornaru to get him to 50% as soon as possible.

    While these adds are active, two important abilities will affect the raid. A watery Abyssal Geyser will spawn on the floor under a random ranged player (so long as enough players are at range, as with Murdantix). It will start dealing damage as soon as it spawns, but 1 second later will erupt, launching the player into the air, dealing significant damage, and stunning/silencing the player. Avoid these, as being stunned during a Tidal Wave risks death.

    Tidal Wave will be cast every 40 seconds during the first phase. Three waves will form at either the eastern or western side of the dock and overflow onto the dock. Players will have 5 seconds to find a safe spot so they do not get washed away. If the wave pushes you into the water, it is instant death. If the Tidal Wave is about to spawn, be sure all Mana Pinch curses are cleansed so no one is stunned.

    It is important to complete this phase within 2.5 minutes or less in order to complete later phases before the enrage timer. Keeping most of the DPS on Jornaru should ensure only 2 sets of adds and 3 Tidal Waves. When Jornaru is transitioning to Phase 2, there is only about 15-20 seconds to clean up the remaining adds, but 1 Deepclaw should be marked and kept alive for his debuff to be used in the next phase.

    Phase 2

    To begin, Jornaru will summon a rock platform on the water and the entire raid must jump onto the within seconds or die. The dock is then marked with the bluish-purple waves signifying that is no longer safe. During the second phase, Jornaru will disappear and no longer need to be tanked, so there should be 2 tanks for Lashers and 1 for other adds. There may still be some adds up from the first phase, so the add tank should bring them over to the Lashers and for DPS to AoE them down. Do not kill the marked Deepclaw. All ranged players should stack in the center of the platform to make it easier for the tank to get aggro from the adds that spawn from the sides.

    Two new tentacle-type adds spawn in this phase. The first is the aforementioned Lashers of Akylios, which spawn at the edge of the platform. They gain a stacking buff over time that increases their damage and cast Cleaving Spray, a 4k AoE damage, if their current target is out of melee range. The second is the Stinger of Akylios, which spawns just outside of the edge. Only ranged abilities can hit them. They cast Abyssal Torrent, a single-target channel that deals 1.5 k damage per tick, and Flooding Tide, which is an AoE cast on a random player’s location which deals 2k damage in a 15-20 meter radius. A total of 4 Lashers and 8 Stingers will spawn in a period of about 2.5 minutes. Melee DPS should remain on the Lashers.

    If any of these adds are up too long, they will heal Akylios repeatedly for 300k health. Make sure the tanks alternate which Lashers they pick up, melee DPS focus the Lashers, and ranged DPS focuses on one Stinger at a time (either in the order spawned or assist through a designated ranged DPS).

    When the new set of adds spawn, there will be 1 Apostle and 2 Deepclaws (no more Mana Pinchers). They can spawn anywhere along the edge of the platform, so the adds tank needs to plan and use AoE abilities to bring them over to the focused Lasher. For the first set of these adds, AoE them down with the Lashers. At this time, you should take the low health Deepclaw saved from Phase 1 and kill him near the Apostle to give him the debuff. Save another Deepclaw from this pack for the future. Rogues should AoE off the Lasher and Warriors should AoE off the Apostle to maximize their abilities.

    The second set of adds are picked up by the tank, but ignored by the DPS. At this point, the raid should have killed, or almost killed, the third Lasher and have 2-3 Stingers and 1 Lasher left. Just as in Phase 1, DPS should single-target damage their respective targets (melee on Lashers, ranged on Stingers) to push the phase change before another set of adds spawn.

    During this whole phase (as well as Phase 3), another ability to watch is Orb of Suffocation. Jornaru will target a random player and emote “Jornaru launches a suffocating orb at [playername]”. It is a meteor type ability that will silence the target for 4 seconds when it hits and deals significant damage. When the player is targeted, they must immediately run to the melee group to spread the damage over at least 5-6 players. You may want to mark one of the melee players for the group to stack on when Orb hits. From the time it is cast, depending on where the player is in relation to Jornaru, they have approximately 5-20 seconds to get to the melee group.

    After the initial transition, Phase 2 should be completed within 2 minutes 35 seconds. Once all Lashers and Stingers are dead, the phase will end and Akylios will shake your screen.

    Phase 3 – Akylios submerged (75 seconds)

    At this point, you have about 5 seconds to jump onto the new rock platform or die. Healers should cooldown the tank during the transition, and there will be an additional 5 seconds to AoE any remaining adds (especially Apostles) before the next phase becomes active.

    Akylios will start this phase submerged. A Lasher will spawn, and all DPS should single-target it, unless an Apostle is up and then they should AoE. These Lashers are identical to the ones in Phase 2, and no one should DPS it before the tank picks up aggro. As soon as Stingers start spawning (as they will for the rest of the fight), ranged DPS should switch to them and stay on them, helping on Lashers or Akylios only if no Stingers are active.

    Phase 3 – Akylios emerged (80 seconds)

    About 40 seconds after the second Lasher spawns, Akylios emerges. The tank must be waiting to pick up Akylios immediately or players will be Devoured. Devoured is an instant kill if Akylios’ target is not in melee range. For this reason, the Akylios tank should never tank the second Lasher during the submerged phases.

    Shortly after Akylios emerges (and every 25 seconds after), he will cast Breath of Madness, a watery breath attack that covers about a third of the platform, either left, center, or right. All players need to watch for it and avoid it.

    Gaze of Akylios is a channeled beam on 4 random players which deals splash damage around them. It tends to occur just before Breaths. The raid should spread out if possible, but the damage is healable.

    Starting at 75%, Akylios will begin casting Mind Decay after the first and third Breath of Madness. It is a 10 second debuff dealing about 2k damage per tick and is applied to 3 random players. Players will know they are affected either by looking at their debuffs or by noticing the short red beam of light over their heads. To remove the debuff, all 3 players must come together (similar to Emissary Villizar in Master Mode Darkening Deeps), so it is most convenient to have them “meet” at Akylios’ head, where the marked melee player should be. If they do not remove the debuff, they will be mind controlled for 5 minutes, only able to be brought back to the fight by killing them and battle rezzing them, but this DPS loss generally guarantees a wipe attempt.

    During the third phase, Stingers will continue to spawn (and should be DPS’d by ranged) and Orbs of Suffocation will continue to be cast. Melee DPS will alternate between Akylios and Lashers.

    After the third Breath of Madness, Akylios will submerge and these two phases repeat until he hits 55% health.

    Phase 4 – Akylios emerged

    When Akylios reaches 55%, Jornaru will rejoin the fight. The Jornaru tank should position him inside of Akylios’ head. When Akylios is up, melee DPS needs to AoE both down at the same time.

    The most important mechanic in Phase 4 is the Tidal Waves. In this phase, they happen about every 50 seconds, and occasionally coincide with Breath of Madness. The Tidal Wave comes from either the left or the right as you’re facing Akylios, and they should be called out what direction they’re coming from. Because of the strange angle of the waves, each player should find the gap in the waves and run toward it to get through as quickly as possible. If a player is hit by the wave, they cannot be battle rezzed.

    Breath of Madness still is cast every 25 seconds while Akylios is up, and he will submerge after the third Breath. Gaze of Akylios continues to be cast periodically and can be healed through. Stingers continue to spawn and ranged DPS must keep on them. Mind Decay still happens after the first and third Breath. Orb of Suffocation no longer occurs while Akylios is up.

    Starting at 30%, Akylios will cast Cerebral Bore after each Breath of Madness. First he channels onto a random player and an expanding ring forms around them. All players inside the large ring will take about 800 water damage and healers should heal through it.

    Phase 4 – Akylios submerged

    Akylios submerged in Phase 4 is somewhat different than in Phase 3. Lord Jornaru will remain active requiring one tank’s attention. The same tank should not try to pick up both Jornaru and a Lasher at the same time, but to keep Jornaru tanked by one of the Lashers except to dodge Tidal Waves.

    Tidal Waves will also continue during this phase. Some tanks may have difficulty dodging the waves and keeping in melee range of the Lasher, so keep Tempest Mirrors or other stuns available in case the Lasher casts Cleaving Spray.

    Jornaru will also cast Orb of Suffocation during the submerged stages. They will hit much quicker (5-10 seconds) since Jornaru is now located on the same platform with the players. If the Orb occurs during a Tidal Wave, a decision must be made whether the targeted player will run away to die alone or join up with melee who must dodge the waves as a unit.

    While Akylios is submerged, DPS should be on the Lashers and only on Jornaru if you kill the first Lasher before the second one spawns. You should not have any Lashers up when Akylios is up if it can be helped.

    When Akylios reaches 15%, he will no longer submerge. The fight will continue on as described in Phase 4 – Akylios emerged until about 4%.

    IMPORTANT: Akylios’ health will stop at 1% if Jornaru is still alive, but he will enrage as soon as Jornaru is killed. If the melee DPS have been AoEing both Akylios and Jornaru, their health should be roughly even. Continue to do so until both reach 4%. At that point, have all your melee DPS single target Akylios until he hits 1%. Then switch to Jornaru and use single-target DPS to kill him as quickly as possible. Akylios will enrage and there will be a short window for you to kill him.

    Everyone should spread apart because once he enrages, because all of his abilities (besides auto attacks) will begin instantly killing players. If you are targeted with Cerebral Bore, you should move away from the rest of the raid, but do not jump off the platform or another player will be targeted.

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