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    Tell a bit about yourself Empty Tell a bit about yourself

    Post  Ozymadius on Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:47 am

    Well the guild is still pretty young but it's growing fast. I could try to single out everybody that's done so much to make us awesome but that includes almost everybody. So lets try to get a post from everyone elling a bit about themselves. Anything from how long you've been gaming to how much you love your puppy. Or just a simple hello.

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    Post  Dylania on Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:57 pm

    Old guy that lives in St.Catharines, on, Canada.
    Have a BBA. Borrowed money in 1998 and went to Korea with nothing. Stayed there for 7 years and taught English. Moved back to Canada with my 10 year younger Korean wife and 3 children and even some money in 2005. My hobbies are gaming and photography. Love games but am just so-so at then. My excuse is slower reflexes due to being old Smile
    Started gaming in Korea cause I lived in a large city with few foreigners. TV was in Korean except for 1 US army station. Decided to give gaming a try. But all the games were in Korean. So I went on-line and ordered Ultima 9: Ascension around the year 2000. Had to pay for the game plus shipping to paying double. This was a great game. By the way I bought a nice Samsung desktop computer there to play it . Korean windows 98 (: Sucked cause I don't read or speak Korean....
    Next was Diablo 2 from about 2000-2003. At this time I taught middle school and this game was a hit in Korea, I played at my desk at school and I had all the students at my desk watching...I was there hero. A teacher that played Diablo....
    Next I played DAoC from 2003-2006. In my opinion this was the best game made yet. It was far ahead of todays games even rift. PvP was fantastic.
    Then WoW 2006-2008, LoTRO 2008-2011, Rift 2011-.

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    Post  Nemexia on Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:23 am

    Not giving my age so lets say old enough to know better and just don't give a damn*G* Will tell you I am female and damn proud of it. I'm a helper, a "sounding board," I lvoe to try and help people and comfort them and I fucking love RP.

    First experience with the internet was back when it was message boards and penpal places. Played a few games starting on the old block of a gameboy with the maybe 2 inch by 2 inch screen in black and green. Ended up not really gaming much in the long run.

    Started roleplaying when I was in bout 5th or 6th grade in a Star Trek chat (long dead now), moved to a Beseen Star Wars Cantina chat, and from there bounced around a lot on pjj rooms mostly of the fantasy sort.

    First MMO was WoW in 2005/2006 got hooked. Was forced to quit in 2009ish between moving and concern that I was developing Wow-addiction.

    Tried to go back but the game just lacked the feel for me, hard to find RP as well so tried Rift having been caught by their commercial of "We're not on Azeroth anymore." Started out Defiant side but had trouble finding RP or guilds that actually had people that showed up so went Guardian. First 50 was a rogue, loved her and found great RP but then people started to not come around anymore for one reason or another, I had a whole guild dumped on me without a clue what to do and no one willing to help so moved to Wolven Templar which were cool but I felt I no longer had purpose cause you could throw a rock and hit any number of DPS (I didn't tank) or any number of peope who did the professions I had and all the tanks kept saying they prefered cleric support so I came back Defiant side and never left and have no plans to. Also..I'm a cat person, love kitties. Wanna learn more...ask

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    Post  Nyki-Sheiyn on Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:20 am

    I was once a console gamer chick, but tried the PC world and never looked back. Rift was actually my first MMO, afterwards I have tried SWTOR, Aion, and Tera (and yes, I actually rotated these games out at once). I am a RP'er first, a raider second, and PvP'er third.. being that my main thing on here is RP but I still have a raiding addiction. I was here with Ozy when he first created the Gauntlet, but took a break from Rift shortly afterwards, and moved my character off server. I've been slowly coming back to the game, and switch up between my multiple alts. If you dont see me on Sheiyn, then I might be on a feisty warrior named Nykiah, an anti-social mage name Solarace, or a crazed witch-doctor named Ayanis. (Yes, I realize I'm an alt-aholic)
    I am always willing to help with those new to RP or just looking to get into some plot lines or just need a support character. I'm also willing to help with the world of raiding, and before I left Rift I was 7/11 HK and have completed the other 10 and 20 mans (excluding the new PF and ID of course). Even though its been a couple months for me, Im still looking to get back into the world of organized killing.
    Anything else, feel free to ask me.... I actually don't bite Smile

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    Post  Murrbella on Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:15 pm


    1)Name: Murrbella
    2)Age: hah not telling
    3)How long have you played rift? Played beta until last fall-ish; went to SWTOR, then came back in July.
    4)What do you like most (examples)pvp, pve etc: On this warrior, I like pvp and rp.
    5)Dislikes in game: Too much OOC talk from people I don't know.
    6)pet peeves? That I can't kill other defiants.
    7)General information about yourself( region you live in, likes dislikes in game and out?): I am in Mountain time.
    8)Any other things we should know to get to know you!: My other toon's name is Rivvka.

    Now all the demons look like prophets
    And I'm living out every word they speak

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