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    ...you had free reign with your characters in Telara? Rivvka and Dwin's *players* were rp'ing on the forums during a realm downtime, and let's just say things escalated quickly. The events below happened, but not *nearly* as embelished as they are below. But here you are, for your reading enjoyment. And remember, sometimes, for fun, a little godmodding is good for the soul. Wink

    Murrbella looked at the mark on Duciont’s arm. “Does this mean you’re going to die?” she asked him, a crestfallen look on her face.
    “I do not know, my little dove. I am unsure of what will happen,” He answered. “I may need to find a predecessor, and I would ask if you would be willing?”

    Murrbella’s face was stoic when she left him, but she was devastated. She fought her way into the strongest enemy fortress in Freemarch with recklessness. She knew it was folly, but she did not want to get out. She slashed through as enemy blood coated her. She slew over 100 men before she was pierced with arrows and felled by swords. Her almost dead body was dragged to the middle of the camps and hung for display.

    In her failing mind, she willed herself to die. Her father, Lord Duciont, had told her that he had passed up harvesting the souls of people because of their sheer will to live; so why couldn’t an ascended will themselves to die, permanently? Her mind shifted between the betrayal of her own father in her mortal life, and the people she had grown to love now in her ascended life. She couldn’t bear the thought of being separated from her adopted father now, she loved him so much. She just wanted to end the pain in her heart.

    As her life flowed from her, she called to Duciont. "Father, collect me."

    There was heard a roar, a shattering of glass, and a scream. With the sound of thunder, the first seal of the Apocalypse was broken. The planes were torn asunder to reveal the presence of Duciont within the camp’s center. From his chariot pulled by a pale horse, his hammer swung like the arms of a beast, felling all it hit. He held a bow and wore a crown, and rode out as a conqueror, bent on conquest. His name was Death, and Hades followed close behind him. He yelled the command “Come!” as he rode. Each foe slain, instantly rose as a corpse, and fought by his side as he made a circle about his daughter’s form.

    Within minutes the sun was blacked out, the moon turned to blood, and the second seal was broken. Aamadeo made way as the rumbling of the earth followed him, and he ordered “Come”. His black steed failed him and fell from the exhaustion of its ride to the gates of the fortress. He cut a swathe through them, only to be held in the courtyard, too many for him to advance. He was forced to hold his ground; blade, tooth and armor all became weapons. The foe's screams were muffled by his bestial roar and the violent tremors of the earth.

    With a sound like a gale wind, the third seal was broken. Aamadeo dropped to his knees, and saw a force overwhelming the foes about him. Other cultists where running into the fortress then; Endless, Legion, Wanton; all marched as one, and at their head was Costello, on a fiery red horse carrying a large sword. He said “Come”. Costello had the power to take peace from the earth and make men slay one another. The dominator fell silent as his small force gazed at Aamadeo and the the tiring Duciont. Aamadeo led the forces of undead and cultists to hold the defensive circle around them. Costello cut Murrbella's binds and held her as he fell to his knees, able then to do naught but sob.

    This would be the end time, no man with relation to this act would be suffered to live, and the small army made this clear as it began to cut life from the fortress. Duciont knelt by Costello, who was holding the girl close to his chest. "Little Dove, p..please.."

    Murrbella looked at them through slitted eyes. In a weak voice she asked "Am I in Heaven?"

    The horizon turned an angry red. Without warning, the fiery cohort rained down, roaring through the tops of the trees, and was upon the surrounding enemy before they felt its heat. It leapt onto them without pause, and flew into the air to leap again. For its intended victims, there was no sure line of flight. It barred the path ahead and the bridges of escape behind. Enemies lie burnt on the ground as Rivvka appeared and helped Aamadeo to his feet, her skin was hot and fire danced in her eyes. She smiled at him. "Khas. What has happened?"

    Aamadeo rose with her aid, his body beaten, one eye shut to a heavy gash across it. He smiled to her. He could form no words as the power of the demon flowed then. For a brief second he opened his mind and gave Rivvka the image of Murrbella's falling. "I will not have another I love be taken from me by our foes. Ni Monn, thank you, now let us show them the Inferno that will engulf this world."

    As the enemy forces surrounded, Duciont trusted the rest to Rivvka and Aamadeo with the cultist army of Costello. His energies faded, all Death seeping from him as a torrent of water flowed into his eyes. The air about them turned dry and the water skins of soldiers burst as he called it all to his hands. His magics flowed into the gathered liquid before it rolled over Murrbella in a soothing stream, his mind struggling to close what wounds he could. "No Murrbella, this is not the next life, not for you yet." Costello stroked her hair, smiling through his sobs as he looked down on her. "Ah'll nae let ye pass, not till Ah can go with ye mah love..S'nae yer time." With his words he focused his energies, aiming to take what wounds he could upon himself to ease the pain."

    Murrbella opened her eyes to them as her wounds healed. In an unsteady voice she said "Costello, do not take my wounds upon yourself, this was my doing. I could not bear you suffering for it." She looked at Costello with tears falling to her face. "My heart hurt so much, I did not know what else to do." She fell into sobs in Costello's arms.

    As cuts began to form on him, they faded back as he took note of Duciont's healing and her words. "Mah love, there be no pain we cannae find ah balm ta or ta learn ta overcome together. We jus'..." He cut himself off and bowed his head down, tears still streaming. The ocean stormed in Duciont's eyes as his magics still flowed, his voice came like a flowing stream as he sang softly, mind seeming to be slightly pulled from the situation. He sang, and his hands danced over her as if stitching in the air.

    "Quietly, the stars
    point the way,
    and the path before you
    becomes a forest of crystals.

    Someday, I want to
    protect you from everything,
    cradled in the palm of my hands.

    On a warm night,
    as you sleep,
    a gentle light lights up
    a house where a small moon still dwells

    There is but one eclipsed moon
    in the corner of my heart...
    May it shine enough
    to light up whatever narrow path you take."

    Rivvka stood tall on the outer edge of the fortress, her arms raised high in the air. She was engulfed, a visage of sensual red fire. In an ethereal and inhuman voice she cried "Maelforge! I call upon your powers!"

    Immense tendrils of fire shot from her in all directions. It screamed, and scorched everything in it's wake. Engulfed cultists incinerated as it tore through them. The armies under Costello's domination exploded in flames and disappeared in ash. "I will tear your cores and gulp down the world like a beating heart! I have come to burn!"

    She was fire, chaos incarnate. A creature of rapacious lust, a flame. "I will tolerate none of you!" Annihilation followed in the path of Rivvka, who was the fire she wielded.

    The entire fortress was then cinder and ash. Only the 5 remained, and all was silent except for the sound of singing, a tender lullaby.

    Murrbella, cradled in Costello's arms, lifted her hand and placed her palm on Duciont's cheek. "It is not my time. I will be stronger. Please forgive me."

    Aamadeo winced at the immense heat and Rivvka’s voice, but did not stir from her side. He watched in awe as her power engulfed around them, and he knelt before her, head bowed. " Mia Dea." His mind was awestruck at her power and the true fury of the flames.

    Duciont leaned his head into Murrbella's palm and placed his own hand over hers. " Please.. Do not leave without me.. Without us, you are loved more than you can know." Costello leaned down and kissed the top of her head, trembling as he tried to calm his sobbing. " Yer already tha' strongest o' us all mah love..."

    Now all the demons look like prophets
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    Now all the demons look like prophets
    And I'm living out every word they speak

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