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    HK - Soulrender Zilas (thanks to egg) Empty HK - Soulrender Zilas (thanks to egg)

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    Boss Stats:
    6.8 million health
    Ranged death damage

    Encounter Warnings:
    Has Cleave
    Has AoE
    Requires Interrupts

    Suggested Raid Makeup:
    1-2 Tanks
    13-15 DPS
    2-3 Heals
    2 Support

    The fight against Soulrender Zilas is mainly about how you handle the various adds he spawns. Success will depend on how well members of your raid complete their particular duties as well as your raid DPS, but RNG will also play a significant role.

    Brief Synopsis:
    Escaped Magus – Must be killed before reaching center platform and casting Purge the Living
    Escaped Imp – Must interrupt Cede Spirit
    Escaped Butcher – Minimize number to reduce raid damage debuff
    Soulrender’s Grasp – Must be on platform and avoid beam
    Soulrender’s Rage – AoE pulse if tank is not in melee range that will cause raid wipe

    Abilities &/or Adds:
    Demonic Presence – Reduces raid-wide damage output by 10% for every stack, one stack for every Escaped Butcher add
    Soulrender’s Grasp – Clockwise rotating beam which must be avoided, 8 second warning and then 10 second channel
    Soulrender’s Rage – AoE pulse if tank is not in melee range that will cause raid wipe

    Spawned Adds:
    Escaped Butcher (125k HP) – Reduces the raid's damage output by 10% for every active Butcher
    Escaped Imp (62k HP) – Attempts to heal the boss 5% by casting Cede Spirit (5 second cast, must be interrupted)
    Drifting Spirit (19k HP) – Attacks from range, and will begin casting AoE Dark Volley on the raid if not killed quickly enough and not interrupted
    Escaped Magus (200k HP) – If allowed to reach center platform and given 5 seconds to cast Purge the Living, will wipe the raid
    Drifting Umbral (19k HP) – Randomly deactivates stasis crystals
    Wrathful Bones (28k HP) – Spawns in large quantities after every beam phase, needs to be picked up by a tank

    All of the adds will spawn at the entrance of the room (South), moving along the walls until they reach the ramp (North), and head towards the center platform. Halfway along the side walls are side platforms (2 on each side, upper and lower), and at these spots you can jump up to the ramps above, but take care not to fall into the blue lit areas which results in instant death.

    Phase 1 – 100% to 81% health

    The main tank will take Soulrender Zilas in place, facing the entrance of the room (away from the ramp the raid used to get to the center platform). The boss has a frontal cleave (the adds do not), so the raid should stack behind Zilas whenever they are not engaged in another duty.

    During this phase, only Butchers, Imps, and Spirits will spawn.

    Drifting Spirits will stop at the side platform (the halfway point at the sides) and begin casting on the raid at range. There should be a ranged DPS assigned to each side of the room with their priority being to kill the Spirits. If the Spirits are not killed quickly enough, they will begin to cast an AoE ranged attack called Dark Volley. This skill can be interrupted, but the damage can be healed through if needed.

    Escaped Butchers and Escaped Imps will continue around the room and up the ramp to the platform, where the tank should pick them up (an off-tank is needed if the main tank cannot pick them up). DPS should remain behind the boss whenever possible to avoid aggro from the adds. It is unneccessary for DPS to target the adds directly, just AoE off of the boss.

    It is important to have an interrupter whose priority is to interrupt the Escaped Imp’s Cede Spirit cast. It is a 5 second cast and if not interrupted, will heal Zilas for 5% each time. There should also be a backup interrupter in case there is more than one Escaped Imp up at a time.

    For each Escaped Butcher that is up at a given time, the raid’s damage output will be reduced by 10%. For this reason it is important to keep up the AoE damage on Zilas so that multiple Escaped Butchers are not active.

    Phase 2 – 80% to 41% health

    In addition to the other adds, at 80% Zilas may begin summoning Escaped Magi. The exact timing of the spawn will be random. One raid member should be assigned to each side of the room to call out the location of the Magus and all DPS who do not have another priority should begin attacking it.

    The Magus can be stunned on the side platform by attacking the statis crystal located there. If timed properly, you may be able to stun the Magus twice. When a stasis crystal glows red it is available to be used, when it glows green the mob is currently stunned, and when it glows yellow it is in a recharge state. DPS should take care not to tab target the crystal and hit it unintentionally…you may want to assign specific players to the task of stunning the Magi.

    Ideally your raid DPS will kill the Magus well before it reaches the ramp to the center platform. Should it be allowed to proceed that far, it will begin a 5-second cast of Purge the Living. If the Magus lives long enough to cast the spell, the raid will be wiped.

    However, DPS on the Magus as it proceeds along the walls will likely be interrupted by a beam phase.

    Beam Phases

    The boss will emote “Soulrender Zilas surges with the power of Death!” At this point, the entire raid has approximately 8 seconds to return to the center platform (using bard’s Anthem of Competence or Performance Insoles may be desired). When Soulrender’s Grasp is cast, look for the wisp of light circling the platform clockwise. Allow it to pass by you and then begin following behind it. Zilas will begin channeling a 10-second death beam rotating around the platform in the direction of the wisp (similar to the Caelia fight in Charmer’s Caldera) which the entire raid will have to follow. Do not walk in the purple ground effect in the center, but walk along the edge of the blackish ring (outside of the greenish circle) imprinted in the floor to ensure that you are following the beam at the correct speed. The beam will make one full rotation plus a slight bit, and when it stops, be sure to avoid Zilas’ cleave. Touching the beam causes instant death. Any raid members not on the center platform during this phase will also instantly die. During this beam phase, any Escaped Imps must continue to be interrupted, Drifting Spirits must be managed (either interupting Dark Volley or healing through it) and Escaped Magi may need to be stunned on a side platform.

    There will be 1 minute intervals between beam phases during which the raid can DPS down the boss and adds.

    Phase 3 – 40% to 20% health

    In addition to the other mechanics, at 40% Zilas will begin trapping random raid members with a prison-type spell. This can be AoE cleansed, but not single target cleansed. The only real danger of this mechanic is if a player is stunned away from the platform during a beam phase.

    Phase 4 – 20% health on

    Starting at 20%, Driftng Umbral adds will randomly deactivate the statis crystals used to stun the Magi. A deactivated stasis crystal will appear to have purple death energy emanating from it. It is possible to reactive the crystal by killing the Drifting Umbral, but this should not take priority over the other duties.

    By the time the boss passes 7%, unless there is a Magus past the side platform, the raid should focus single target DPS on Zilas, using all cooldowns. Escaped Imps still need to be interupted (to avoid healing the boss), but all other adds should be ignored.

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