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    HK - Sicaron (thanks to egg) Empty HK - Sicaron (thanks to egg)

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    Boss Stats:
    14.9 million health
    12 minute Enrage Timer
    Physical Melee damage

    Encounter Warnings:
    Has AoE
    Requires Purges
    Requires Cleansing

    Suggested Raid Makeup:
    2 Tanks
    11-14 DPS
    2-5 Heals
    2 Support

    Sicaron is not a difficult fight, but does require coordination and a perhaps a bit of practice to avoid multiple mechanics that can wipe the raid. It is easy for anyone to make a mistake here, so a little understanding goes a long way.

    Brief Synopsis
    Moldering Decay – Tank and off-tank stack, extra healing required
    Unholy Contract – Proper placement of idol bubbles and make sure the affected player is at full health before the idol drop
    Excruciating Hex – Must be cleansed
    Soul Harvest – Must be purged

    Abilities &/or Adds:
    Gaze of Sicaron – Pulsing AoE damage
    Moldering Decay – Deals heavy physical damage (about 35k over 3 seconds) to the tank, damage is split with any players within a 5 meter distance
    Unholy Contract – Places buff on a random player (not usually the tank), which turns red then drops idol at their current location, deals massive damage at the time of the idol drop
    Excruciating Hex – Places a heavy DoT effect on 4 random players, must be cleansed
    Soul Harvest – Buff on Sicaron which must be purged to avoid a raid wipe
    Eye of the Void – Buff on Sicaron increasing AoE damage 10% per stack over time

    The tank starts by taking Sicaron where he stands in the center of the room, with the off-tank stacking with the tank. The remainder of the raid will stack fairly close behind the boss, ranged included.

    During the entire fight, Sicaron will wield a pulsing AoE effect on the entire raid called Gaze of Sicaron. This damage cannot be prevented and must be AoE healed through.

    About every 20 seconds, Sicaron will cast Moldering Decay, which deals massive physical damage to the tank. This damage can be split with one other player within 5 meters, and so the off-tank is positioned to share it. The cast has a 2-second warning with a 3-second channel, dealing about 35k damage over the 3 seconds (before factoring in mitigation). Healers will need to be assigned to both tanks and be prepared for strong heals during this attack.

    Phase 1 – 100% to 81% health

    About every 20 seconds, Sicaron will cast Unholy Contract on a random player (not usually the tank) with the emote “Sicaron forces [playername] into an Unholy Contract”. At first, this player will be surrounded by a blue bubble which provides those standing within it a buff which increases damage dealt by 50%. With DPS stacked behind the boss, this buff should cover all DPS.

    However, after 15 seconds the bubble will fade from blue to red. While the pulsing red bubble is not harmful, at this point the player affected needs to move away from the raid, because in 5 seconds, the bubble will drop an idol at the player’s current location and the player will receive significant damage (approximately 75% of health). Healers should make sure the player with the debuff is at full health before their idol drops. A solid red bubble will remain around the idol and the player should return to the raid as soon as possible. At this point, the idol bubble will damage anyone in or directly next to the bubble. For this reason, the placement of the idols and their bubbles is very important.

    Idols should be placed as close as possible to existing idols in order to fit them in the space available before the hard enrage timer. Bubbles can overlap other bubbles, so long as the player with the bubble does not let their hitbox move into another bubble (be aware that the bubble is slightly larger than its graphic), which would cause a raid wipe.

    Starting at the back of the room (behind Sicaron), rows of 5 bubbles each can be created, and then along the ramps as needed.

    If you do run out of space, it is preferable to have players jump to their death when their bubble turns red rather than deposit the idol bubble on the raid.

    The tank will need to move Sicaron forward to allow enough space for the raid, a slight buffer zone, and the existing idols.

    The boss will also cast Excruciating Hex, a signifcant DoT applied to 4 random players, which must be cleansed immediately. There is a 2 second warning before the cast and 2 seconds before the damage begins, which will kill players a few seconds later if not cleansed. AoE cleanses are important, but in addition each group should assign a single-target cleanser to target anyone who did not receive the AoE cleanse.

    Phase 2 – 80% to 21% health

    Starting at 80%, Sicaron will apply a buff to himself called Soul Harvest, a 20-second countdown to raid wipe. Casting a purge on the boss will reset the timer, however once someone purges it, they receive a debuff so that if they purge again within 10 seconds, they will die. And as his health goes down, so does the timer. At 50% it only goes up to 15 seconds, and at 25% it only goes up to 12 seconds. Two purgers will be needed, and a backup is recommended.

    Phase 3 – 20% health on

    Starting at 20%, Sicaron will gain an additional buff, Eye of the Void, which increases his AoE damage by 10% per stack. This buff is not preventable or purgable, so additional healing will be required to make it through the end of the fight.

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