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    HK - Estrode (thanks to egg) Empty HK - Estrode (thanks to egg)

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    Boss Stats:
    5.4 million health
    15 minute Enrage Timer
    Multiple Damage & Combat types

    Encounter Warnings:
    Has Cleave
    Has AoE
    Requires Interrupts
    Requires Purges
    Requires Cleansing

    Suggested Raid Makeup:
    1 Tank
    12-13 DPS
    4-5 Heals
    2 Support

    Estrode gains abilities based on the souls of the raid members. This initially dictated the composition of the raid, but after changes to the fight, is no longer required. It is still important to be aware of the abilities she steals and what effect they will have on the raid.

    Brief Synopsis:
    Curse of Solitude – Affected player needs to stop all abilities until debuff wears off
    Healing Communion - Should be purged
    Rage of the North - Should be purged
    Waning Power - Should be cleansed
    Chastise - Should be interrupted
    Neddra’s Grasp - Should be cleansed
    Living Flame - Should be purged
    Avatar of the Rift - Should be purged
    Power Sink – Healers remain at max range

    Abilities &/or Adds:
    Soul Drain – Incapacitates a random target for about 2 seconds and deals a large portion of their health in damage, also steals the player’s 3 active souls (see abilities stolen below)
    Mind Control – Used often throughout the fight, number of minds controlled increases by one each time

    Abilities stolen:
    Cabalist – Steals Curse of Solitude, a DoT applied to a random player which worsens with each ability they use
    Druid – Summons three Satyrs that cleave
    Inquisitor – Steals Circle of Oblivion, which is a wide-range AoE DoT
    Justicar – Steals Doctrine of Authority, which deals massive damage to the tank
    Purifier – Steals Spiritual Conflagration, which deals AoE damage to the raid
    Sentinel – Steals Healing Communion, which heals her nearby allies, can be purged
    Shaman – Steals Rage of the North, a buff causing every melee strike to be a critical hit, can be purged
    Warden – Steals Healing Showers, which heals her minions

    Archon – Steals Waning Power, which debuffs the raid’s attack and spell power, can be cleansed
    Chloromancer – Steals Natural Splendor, which targets a random player and deals massive AoE damage in a 5-10 meter radius on and around the player
    Dominator – Steals Chastise, which randomly applies a stacking debuff to damage/healing each time an ability is used, can be interrupted
    Elementalist – Summons 6 Earth Elementals with 55-60k HP each
    Necromancer – Summons 10-12 Zombie adds
    Pyromancer – Steals Flaming Breath, a frontal cone attack which should only hit the tank
    Stormcaller – Steals Lightning Storm, an AoE spawned on random players
    Warlock – Steals Neddra’s Grasp, which places a debuff causing the player to take damage for every ability used, must be cleansed

    Assassin – Steals Impale, a bleeding attack which can be used on any player within 20 meters of the boss
    Bard – Steals Verse of Fascination, an AoE crowd control mechanic that targets a random player and anyone in a 5 meter radius for about 15 seconds
    Bladedancer – Steals Dancing Steel, a channeled damage cast
    Marksman – Steals Crossfire, a cone attack and knockback on a random player, may be used multiple times on the same target
    Nightblade – Steals Living Flame, an AoE fire attack which can be purged
    Ranger – Steals Rain of Arrows, which is a difficult-to-see AoE on a random player
    Riftstalker – Steals Scatter the Shadows, which makes the boss immune from damage
    Saboteur - Steals Land Mines, which places bombs around the boss which knockback if touched

    Beastmaster – Summons one Greater Primal Companion
    Champion – Steals Titan’s Strike, which deals AoE damage around the boss in a 15-20 meter radius
    Paladin – Steals Impassable Guard, which blocks all attacks for 10 seconds
    Paragon – Steals Death Touch, which is a single-target attack on the tank
    Reaver - Steals Creeping Death, which is a DoT applied to random players
    Riftblade – Steals Avatar of the Rift, which reflects damage back to melee attackers, can be purged
    Void Knight – Steals Power Sink, which drains mana from players within 30 meters
    Warlord – Possibly steals Spotter’s Order, tank takes greater damage

    Some groups use all ranged DPS so healers can focus on the tank prior to Mind Control. If melee DPS are used, they should be aware of which attacks they will need to back out.

    The main tank should take Estrode where she stands. The rest of the raid should spread out around her, staying away from the front. Healers especially should spread out to avoid having all healers silenced or crowd controlled.

    Assign players for the following tasks:
    Purges – for Avatar of the Rift and Rage of the North
    Interrupts – for Chastise
    Cleanses – for Neddra’s Grasp and Waning Power

    When Estrode casts Soul Drain, she uses it on 2 random players, stealing their souls’ abilities and also dealing significant damage to them. Healers should try to bring the raid to full health before it is cast. Depending on the targets, the boss can have 3-6 souls active at a time (if a soul has zero points in it, another soul will be chosen at random).

    Since the Void Knight’s Power Sink drains mana within 30 meters, healers should be ready to move to max range if this soul is active. The Bard’s Verse of Fascination will crowd control a random player and anyone within a 5 meter radius, which is why the raid should stay spread out the entire fight.

    About once a minute, the boss will cast Mind Control. At the start of the fight, this ability will affect 1-2 players, but each time she casts it, the number of players affected will increase by one. If the entire raid is affected by Mind Control, the boss will either reset or wipe the raid.

    Just before each Mind Control, the healers should use their cooldowns on the tank, in case one or more of the healers is affected by the Mind Control. When Mind Control is cast, have the Bard act as an “off tank” by using their threat generating abilities on the affected players to get aggro and tank them. If the Bard is also affected, then heal the player who has their aggro, and they will likely swap to one of the healers.

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