HK - Inquisitor Garau (thanks to egg)


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    HK - Inquisitor Garau (thanks to egg) Empty HK - Inquisitor Garau (thanks to egg)

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    Boss Stats:
    13.3 million health
    12 minute Enrage Timer
    Ranged multiple damage mechanics

    Encounter Warnings:
    Has AoE

    Suggested Raid Makeup:
    1 Tank
    13-15 DPS
    3-4 Heals
    2 Support

    Inquisitor Garau is the first boss of the upper wing in Hammerknell. Some water resist is needed for the fight, but it is mainly about managing the adds.

    Brief Synopsis:
    Essence Siphon – Melee run out
    Obliteration Beam –Rank runs to the effect and then back to the boss
    Glacial Shield – Stop all attacks

    Arcane Porter – Must be killed before it reaches a crystal on northern side of room
    Infused Crawlers and Infused Templar – Must be killed before they reach the boss

    Abilities &/or Adds:
    Essence Siphon – AoE DoT dealing 2k water damage per second for 5 seconds in a 10 meter radius around the boss
    Bloodtide – Projectile AoE on 10-12 players dealing about 6.5k water damage before resists
    Obliteration Beam – Spawns as a purple ground effect when an Arcane Porter dies, deals about 3k water damage to a resist tank every second until the tank runs to the effect and then back to the boss, when it will deal 230k damage to Garau
    Glacial Shield – Reflect dealing about 2k damage back to attackers, up to 15 stacks

    Spawned Adds:
    Arcane Porter (126k HP) – Spawns about every 45 seconds, must be killed before it reaches a crystal on opposite side of room or else spawns a Dissident Warden (1.6m HP golem), which debuffs the entire raid’s maximum health
    Infused Crawlers (20k HP) and Infused Templars (36k HP) – Spawn at the SE, SW, and N points every 30 seconds, about 4-5 Crawlers with 1 Templar, can be stunned, Crawlers give the boss Arcane Power (stacked buff decreasing damage taken) and Templar gives her a 25-second buff which increases damage dealt, causing an instant wipe when Bloodtide is cast

    AoE damage and AoE stuns are particularly useful in this fight, so be sure players are specced appropriately. Water resistance is useful (100+ unbuffed), but a dedicated source engine is not necessary for this fight.

    Inquisitor Garau is a caster, so he must be tanked on the pile of rocks in the center of the room. It is possible for melee DPS to get snagged on the rocks when trying to move, so it is important for melee to move out as soon as needed for certain abilities.

    The first ability the boss will cast is Essence Siphon. This is a pulsing AoE within 10 meters of the boss that deals about 2k water damage per second for 5 seconds. It is signaled by the emote “Inquisitor Garau siphons arcane essence from nearby enemies!” While not fatal by itself, it can be when paired with other abilities. Melee DPS who have some water resist can be healed through the damage, ranged DPS and healers should remain on the outskirts.

    Next Garau will cast Bloodtide, a bluish-green projectile on 10-12 players which deals 6.5k water damage. Because it is a projectile, it will take time to reach the targeted players, but do not run away or risk overlapping Bloodtide with other abilities. Some water resist and proper consumables are needed to be healed through the damage.

    Every 30 seconds, adds will be spawned. A group of Infused Crawlers and one Infused Templar will spawn in the SE, SW, and N points of the room. Stun the adds as soon as they spawn and AoE them down as soon as possible. For every Crawler that reaches Garau, it will reduce the damage he takes, and for every Templar that reaches him, it will increase the damage he does for 20-25 seconds. Adds that spawn at the north have the shortest path to the boss and should be handled immediately. If a Templar buffs Garau, the resulting Bloodtide will wipe the raid.

    Every 45 seconds, an Arcane Porter will spawn, alternating between the back left and back right of the room. The Porter will begin moving toward a crystal to the north of the spawn point. Anyone not assigned to the other group of adds will need to DPS the Porter down before it reaches the crystal, or else a high-health Dissident Golem add will spawn and start debuffing the entire raid’s maximum health.

    When a Porter dies, it leaves a purple ground effect. The raid needs to move away from this effect so that the tank can run to the effect and gain a buff. During this time, an Obliteration Beam will be aimed at the tank, who will take about 3k water damage per second. Once the tank gains the buff, they should run back to Garau where the buff will deal about 230k damage as a reflect back to the boss. It is important for the raid to be away from the beam as anyone but the tank who touches it or gets in its path will likely die. Melee DPS should be mindful of where the Porter dies and attack on the opposite side of the boss.

    When melee DPS move to kill a Porter, Bloodtide may be cast. In this case, melee need to move out of the Obliteration Beam’s path and wait outside of Essence Siphon range before going back to the boss so they are not in danger of receiving a combination of damage.

    Inquisitor Garau also has a Glacial Shield buff (similar to Warden Falidor in Runic Descent), which reflects significant damage back to the attacker up to 12 seconds at a time. It cannot be purged, and has no cast time or emote, so it should be called out. All attacks, including auto attacks should be stopped for the duration of the buff.

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