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    Post  Vyylence on Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:07 am

    The Gauntlet has entered into an Alliance with Oathsworn. This was a significant event attended by several guild members!

    You can catch us in the tavern at Argent Glade most days of the week. Details of our agreement are still coming together but one condition they made, knowing our history, is that we spare the lives of "innocent" guardians. {If I ever see one, I will!} Join us as we determine who our real allies are (there are snitches in every corner)! Much information is being traded in Argent Glade and there is trickery afoot. Already, Vyylence has been attacked and killed while in negotiations with an Oathsworn officer. Vyy is currently seeking a way to "handle" this situation quietly and effectively.

    While AG is the place to be, you are in guardian territory and if you enter "flagged" be on your guard. In the days to come, Ozymadius will bring us news of his talks with Clarika, Leader of Oathsworn, whom we have sworn to protect, and other potential alliances.

    Be sure to /join LionsFist to keep in touch with members of Oathsworn for RP details.

    Also, be sure to /join RPAlliance and RPUnited to get news of events from all RP guilds on the server. Planning for an October event is in the works. Those who attended the Masquerade Ball hosted by Sedition recently greatly enjoyed themselves.

    For the Glory of The Gauntlet!
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