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    Nem and Inhara Empty Nem and Inhara

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    Nemexia Cydaea, life mage of unparalleled gift and skill. Sole (known) survivor of the Cydaea tribe and leader of the Storm Borne (her attempt to resurrect it) but a healer above anything else. But like everyone she has a weakness and while there can be no life without it death is hers. Before she met Ozymadius and a man named Vayce (that she's not see since the meeting) Nem had many run-ins with a foul death mage who caused her great suffering as she helped her friends to bring him low and to free the friend trapped by his dark magics. One such adventure earned her the scars across her upper chest and the scar that races up her right side as the entranced friend, under command of the death mage, attacked her and nearly ended her life.

    Feeling tired of being weak against assaults Nem spoke with an acquaintance of hers who advised her to seek another form of training to escape what she faced wearing nothing more than cloth for armor. Between the friends advice and injuries suffered (ask player for full and kind of gruesome list) she asked a man and comrade by the name of Samadad, a cleric of terrifying skill against guardians, to train her in the cleric ways. She chose cleric as it would allow her to continue to use the magics she knew but in a different manner and to strengthen her body. She took to it easily enough, progressing in her training quickly and with a hunger she'd not felt for training before. But she needed to keep it secret. The risks of learning a completely different path of magic without forsaking your own are numerous and she did not wish to risk anyone but herself. With such cautions in mind she picked up a mask to hide all but her lips and chin and picked up the name Inhara. She even effected a different manner of speech, as Inhara her voice came out like water slowly bubbling and rolling along stones, and spoke with a more direct and militaristic manner. She even carried herself differently doing everything in her power and picked up from her previous life among thieves to hide herself when dressed in the armor of a cleric. She even refered to Inhara as her charge or associate or ward and as Inhara would refer to Nem as her guardian, comrade and patron. It worked. Not even her lover or closest friends could tell it was her.

    Always finding legitimate reasons to not be in the same place as her other persona Nem managed to go months before the first person found out. The first to know was Iori, whom Nem told because her teacher Samadad had vanished and she needed someone to take up the mantel and help her in her training. Iori kept her secret well and to this day (12/10/12 as I am writing this) only a handful of people truely know about what Nem has done. Iori, Buck, Jerec, Ijabet, Tahoei, Aruntaj and Tebaji being the complete list of those who know her secret.

    Nem played the separate roles too well though. As time, mental and physical trauma happened again and again to her and stress built upon her, her mind slowly fractured. Her dear friend Xosh was the only one she is aware of to notice the breaking of her mind, at least the only who let on they knew. Over time Inhara became a person unto herself.

    Nemexia and Inhara....two women of two different paths of training and two separate personalities sharing a single body and fully aware of each other. A blessing and a curse as both can access the others magic at will, if with some trouble. Things were well...for a time.

    An agreement had been struck between them that Inhara could use the body for combat and training alone. She agreed that she would not use the body in any carnal manners as it was not hers to do so with. As such she lived vicariously through Nem and her life most days. Things changed though after Inhara, under agreement with Nems lover at the time, was allowed to experience some new things first hand. At first the original agreement stood fine and then Inhara met an older cleric, a bahmi (a taste the women share) whom she called Old War Horse. No relationship formed but Inhara told him of the arrangement she had with Nem and for a time he was alright with it but as with most things what you plan and what happens are not often the same thing and Inhara and the old war horse got closer. As they did the agreement she held with Nem went out the proverbial window. Nem, crying, confessed what happened to her mate (obviously some time has passed) and Nem put Inhara on "home arrest" not allowing her to come out for any reason.

    As Nem fought, and fights, to maintain control of her body, the Old War Horse was hunted down and captured by friends of Nem. She keeps out of what they are doing though as she is too much a healer and could not stand by knowingly and let whatever was/is being done to happen so she is left in the dark. The fight is hard on her though as Inhara, raging at Nem and her friends over her confinement and what she has been told of what has happened to her lover, fights hard and often to take over. At times she gains some control. During these times Nem appears to be moody and often is seen rubbing at her head as the fight continues in her mind. The times when Inhara wins almsot total control her mood and behavior will vary depending on who she is around. If it is someone who has not done anything against her, such as Ozymadius, Inhara causes Nem to just seem distracted, if she is running around pretending to be Nem, as she works to pass herself off as Nem. Should she come across someone she now sees as her enemy she smiles and lets loose covert barbs at them.

    During the past months Inhara has been absent from the Gauntlet. Never having actually left the order she has simply been AWOL while trapped inside the body she and Nem share.

    Any questions please feel free to ask.

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