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    Augment Guide

    Post  Aydia on Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:34 pm

    This guide includes all the sexy Augments for your crafting enjoyment.

    Primary Stats
    Stat AugmentedPrefix+1 to 2; Skill: 50+2 to 3; Skill: 150+3 to 4; Skill: 250+4 to 5; Skill: 300+7; Skill: 300
    DexterityNimbleThiefstone ShardRough ThiefstoneThiefstonePure ThiefstoneFlawless Thiefstone
    EnduranceRuggedVitalium ShardRough VitaliumVitaliumPure VitaliumFlawless Vitalium
    IntelligenceCleverEtherialite ShardRough EtherialiteEtherialitePure EtherialiteFlawless Etherialite
    StrengthMightyAdrenalite SharedRough AdrenaliteAdrenalitePure AdrenaliteFlawless Adrenalite
    WisdomBlessedSaintstone SharedRough SaintstoneSaintstonePure SaintstoneFlawless Saintstone
    Secondary Stats
    Stat AugmentedPrefixLevel 26+; Skill:150Level 41+; Skill: 250Level 46+; Skill: 300Level 50; Skill: 300
    Attack PowerAccurateFeeble Vespid StingerVespid StingerDeadly Vespid StingerVirulent Vespid Stinger
    DodgeElusiveDisfigured Bogling EyeBogling EyePeculiar Bogling EyeKeen Bogling Eye
    Melee CritRuthlessCracked Dragonian ScaleDragonian ScaleThick Dragonian ScaleLustrous Dragonian Scale
    Spell CritCannyDisfigured Sobek EyeSobek EyeDesiccated Sobek EyePeculiar Sobek Eye
    Spell PowerUnwaveringInert Golem CoreGolem CorePulsing Golem CorePristine Golem Core
    ParryDeftBroken Barghest FangBarghest FangHoned Barghest FangPolished Barghest Fang
    Caster Dual Stat Augments
    Stats AugmentedPrefixLevel 41+; Skill:250Level 46+; Skill:300Level 50; Skill: 300
    Endurance/IntelligenceResilientDragon Turtle ShellFortified Dragon Turtle ShellImpenerable Dragon Turtle Shell
    Endurance/WisdomResoluteBasilisk TailHardy Basalisk TailPristine Basalisk Tail
    Intelligence/Spell CritDeviousGnar PincerHoned Gnar PincerEnvenomed Gnar Pincer
    Intelligence/Spell PowerCunningNaga ScaleThick Naga ScaleShimmering Gnar Scale
    Wisdom/Spell CritZealousGriffon HidePliable Griffon HideLustrous Griffon Hide
    Wisdom/Spell PowerEnlightenedWhelp ScaleThick Whelp ScaleLustrous Whelp Scale
    Melee Dual Augments
    Stats AugmentedPrefixLevel 41+; Skill: 250Level 46+; Skill: 300Level 50; Skill: 50
    Dexterity/Attack PowerKeenDemon HornHoned Demon HornPolished Demon Horn
    Dexterity/Melee CritTreacherousRazormaw SpineFlexible Razormaw SpineBarbed Razormaw Spine
    Endurance/DexterityResoluteWerewolf BloodSanguine Werewolf BloodPure Werewolf Blood
    Endurance/StrengthImposingTreant BarkKnotted Treant BarkVerdant Treant Bark
    Strength/Attack PowerBrutalWight EssencePulsing Wight EssenceMalevolent Wight Essence
    Strength/Melee CritSavageTroll HideThick Troll HidePristine Troll Hide
    Tank Dual Augments
    Stats AugmentedPrefixLevel 41+; Skill: 50Level 46+; Skill: 300Level 50; Skill: 300
    Dexterity/DodgeShadyHarpy FeatherBrilliant Harpy FeatherLuminous Harpy Feather
    Endurance BlockImpenetrableDeep One ToothHoned Deep One ToothSerrated Deep One Tooth
    Endurance/DodgeWilySatyr HornHardy Satyr HornPolished Satyr Horn
    Endurance/ParryStalwartHellhound HeartQuivering Hellhound HeartThrobbing Hellhound Heart
    Intellect/DodgeEtherealCentaur TailSupple Centaur TailLuxurious Centaur Tail
    Wisdom/ParryHallowedGravemaker HidePliable Gravemaker HideSupple Gravemaker Hide


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